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Neymar denies rape allegations made against him

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Neymar has spoken for the first time to deny allegations that he sexually assaulted an unnamed woman in a Paris hotel.

On May 31, the alleged victim filed an official police report against Neymar in Sao Paulo accusing him of raping her in France. The station she visited is known to specialise in defending women.

The document stated that the woman and Neymar met on the social media platform Instagram. They exchanged messages before the Paris Saint-Germain star arranged for her to visit him in France.

After being set-up with five-star accommodation in the Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe hotel, the women met a drunken Neymar in person at 20:00 (CET) on May 15.

It was then the former Barcelona forward allegedly “became aggressive” and had non-consensual sex with her.

Initially, the victim was too emotionally shaken to file a complaint against Neymar upon returning to Brazil two days later.

Now the Brazilian himself has denied any wrongdoing for the first time.

“I’m being charged with rape,” said Neymar on an Instagram video.

“It is a heavy word, something very strong, but it is what is happening at the moment. I was taken by surprise. It was bad and sad to hear that. [Anyone] who knows me, knows my character and my nature, [knows I] would never do anything like that.

TERESOPOLIS, BRAZIL – MAY 28: Neymar Jr reacts during a training session of the Brazilian national football team at the squad’s Granja Comary training complex on May 28, 2019 in Teresopolis, Brazil. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

“I was exposed to this and I am here to face the situation because any news with my name causes a lot of noise and everybody keeps wanting me to answer.

“What happened was totally the opposite of what was said. I am upset.

“But from now on I will expose everything, all the conversations I had with this girl, all our intimate moments.

This will need to be exposed to prove that nothing happened. Then after this video you will see all the messages and everything that happened that day and the other day.

“Because what happened on the first day was a relationship between man and woman, in a private room, something that happens between all couples, and the next day nothing much happened.

“We kept exchanging messages and she asked me for a gift for her son, that I was going to give, and I was taken by surprise because of this.”

Neymar’s father has already suggested the whole thing was “a trap” and insists he has evidence to prove his son’s innocence.

The player himself showed the messages he had exchanged with the woman.

The star added: “I have to prove something that is sincere and true. I am very sincere and fond of the truth, and if I must expose the things that happen, I will expose them.

“I think now is the right time for everyone to know what happened, it is bad to put myself in this situation that is very sad.

“It is very bad to know that the world is like this, that there are people who want to extort other people, it is really sad and painful. But since I am in this situation, I am here explaining to you.

“I hope justice sees these messages and what actually happened.

“It is with sadness and heartache that I make this video, that I explain it all, a complicated situation for me and my family.

“And I apologise to my family, I was induced in this. It was a trap, and I ended up falling in it, and I will take this as a lesson from now on. Thank you.”

TERESOPOLIS, BRAZIL – JUNE 01: Neymar Jr looks onduring a training session of the Brazilian national football team at the squad’s Granja Comary training complex on June 01, 2019 in Teresopolis, Brazil. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)