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Neymar did all he could to return to Barcelona: Thomas Tuchel

Neymar, PSG, Ligue 1
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According to the Paris Saint-Germain manager, Brazilian superstar Neymar did everything in his power to be able to rejoin the Spanish La Liga champions.

During the summer transfer window, Paris Saint-Germain attacker Neymar Junior wanted to leave the French Ligue 1.

He wanted to return to Spanish La Liga champions Barcelona.

But in the end, he is set to stay at least one more season with the Parisians.

“He did not want to be here. He tried everything in his power [to leave the club]. That did not help make him popular,” PSG manager Thomas Tuchel said to DAZN.

“You could feel that, and I can understand if the fans are angry, even permanently.”

“Nevertheless, there is also a side between me as a coach and him as a player. There was never a break or a discrepancy. That’s why it was very easy for me to let him play. He has always trained professionally. I feel that the decision was a relief to him, even though it was against his wishes,” he added.

“Then, one is automatically focused on the task. As an athlete, there is not much else you can think about. You have to give your all. He is hungry and a competitive guy who always wants to win.”

“He has to withstand it [the boos and whistles from the fans] now, that’s the reality. He has to go through it, and we all have to go through it in the home games. The best thing is to come to terms with it,” Tuchel concluded.