Neymar has a bittersweet return for PSG vs Rennes

The Coupe de France final marked Neymar’s return vs Rennes but he lost the match from the spot after a thrilling match. Mbappe got sent-off for PSG.

Neymar was coming from another long period of absence due to a new injury at PSG and the Coupe de France final vs Rennes was the ideal comeback moment.

Things initially seemed like they were going perfectly well for the Brazilian star as he set up Daniel Alves for PSG’s first goal and scored a beauty himself.

The French giants appeared to have everything under control during the first half of the game, but then everything went sideways during the second half.

The first goal from PSG came early in the first half through another one of those previously practiced corner-kicks by Neymar.

Dani Alves waited for the long pass in the outskirts of the box and delivered a beautiful volley to the back of the net.

This goal made everybody believe that Alves would earn his right to become the first player ever to win 40 titles during his career, but it was too early to assume anything.

Neymar also dropped a great moment of brilliance before the half hour of the match came to pass, as he dinked the ball over the goalkeeper right after an assist from Di Maria.

Paris Saint-Germain seemed to have things pretty much covered but they weren’t expecting what would happen during the second half of the game.

Before the half-time whistle, things started to get distorted for PSG as Kimpembe scored an own goal with a deviated header.

The French giants felt this was a terrible mistake but they still felt confident with their odds coming into the second half.

The match really took a wild turn after Mexer scored a header for Rennes when Grenier sent him a perfect cross from the left flank.

Stade Rennais was actually pulling it off against PSG.

The scenes of Gianluigi Buffon suffering from the sidelines were absolutely impressive, he couldn’t believe what was happening.

Rennes had suddenly gotten themselves back in the game and they really earned their right to at least take the match into extra time.

Those final 30 minutes of the game were the moments in which PSG truly lost the match, something happened that nobody expected.

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A player who was expected to make a triumphant appearance actually let the whole team down during a moment of frustration.

Neymar wasn’t able to help his teammates any more than he already did, but he wasn’t the only player who was expected to bring in the big guns to the fight.

You all know which player we are talking about, it’s basically his fault that PSG lost this final.

Kylian Mbappe’s moment of weakness

You might be asking yourselves why we hadn’t mentioned Kylian Mbappe until this moment, perhaps he didn’t play the match.

But he did play throughout pretty much the whole game and even during extra time, the problem is that he simply wasn’t having his day.

Mbappe got frustrated with several attempts during the whole match and he didn’t score the goal that was expected from him.

He was one of the players who people hoped could score a penalty from the spot during the shootout, but he went and got himself sent off in the most immature way.

Just two minutes before the match ended during extra time, Mbappe made an irresponsible tackle with his studs first on Damien Da Silva’s knee.

These types of violent actions should always be punished with not only a red card but also a hefty sanction of some kind.

The ref immediately sent him out of the game and Mbappe completely missed the chance to help his teammates in the shootout.

People could blame Nkunku for missing PSG’s last penalty but Mbappe is the real culprit of this unexpected defeat.

Rennes celebrated this trophy for the third time in its history, they hadn’t won it since the ’70s. Kudos to Stade Rennais for getting this win.

What did you think about this shocking Coupe de France final between PSG and Stade Rennais? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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