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Neymar has no room for Ronaldo or himself in his five-a-side dream team

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Brazil and PSG star Neymar reveals his five-a-side dream team, surprisingly there is no room for Ronaldo or himself.

Neymar has picked his five-a-side dream team.

There were no real surprises that his former teammates and two members of the most prolific attacking trident ever in football were in there.

The PSG star had no doubt in his mind when he rattled off the first two picks.

According to The Sun on Instagram, he said:

“Messi and Suarez.”

He paused for just a second and added his current teammate:


Again a slight hesitation then a Manchester United player.

He continues:


Then you can see the thought process on his face, he’s not sure, he’s really got to think. Surely he is going to pick himself like so many others have in the past.

If not Neymar then surely Ronaldo, he has clearly gone for an all-out attacking team.

Finally, he picks a fifth and it’s quite a surprise.

He said:


That’s some team, no defense but I bet they would score a ton of goals what do you think of Neymar’s team?

Put any changes you would make in the comments.