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Neymar is back on beast-mode for Brazil vs El Salvador

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Brazil skipper Neymar is back in top form as he led his national team to a dominant victory against El Salvador, he was involved in all five goals.

Just a few weeks back we were talking about how Neymar wasn’t the same player from last season, we mentioned how he wasn’t the same daring dribbler because of his latest injury but things seemed to change with the latest Brazil victory against El Salvador. Neymar is back to his old trickster self and he did it in a major way this Tuesday during the latest international friendly that his national team played at FedEx Field in the United States, the skipper was the absolute leader of his squad by scoring the first goal from the spot, providing three assists, being involved in the other goal of the 5-0 victory the ‘Canarinha’ got against the Salvadorian National Team. This version of Neymar is the one that people in Paris are expecting after the international break, the player who gets involved in everything and loves playing beautiful football without thinking about the injuries he might pick up from a nasty foul coming from any opponent. Neymar was the one who started the party early in the second half, he got the first goal of the night via the spot after a penalty was awarded for Brazil.


The skipper didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with Everton striker Richarlison, who made his debut last week against the United States with the national team but didn’t score until this Tuesday. The Toffies’ striker was the perfect companion to Neymar, he replaced Gabriel Jesus who recently got snubbed by manager ‘Tite’ for this call-up because he wanted to test Richarlison. The wager paid off big time because the new number ‘9’ scored a brace against El Salvador and even picked up the foul that gave Neymar his opportunity to score the first goal from the spot, the striker proved that he will bring big competition to the Manchester City striker and left everybody in Brazil a pleasant aftertaste with his stellar performance. Neymar set the Everton forward up for Brazil’s second goal and he curled the ball beautifully to the top corner after the 15-minute mark, then Neymar also set Coutinho up for the Barcelona star’s goal during the first half still. The other two goals came during the second half, with Neymar still plotting his full take over of the game and completely succeeding after the final whistle.


Even if he wasn’t the player who set up the fourth goal after the 50th minute of the match, Neymar was fully involved in the whole buildup with a gorgeous pass to the deadline that Philippe Coutinho didn’t waste before Richarlison struck the ball before the Barcelona star had the chance. But Neymar wasn’t done yet because he led Brazil to an amazing exhibition for the fans during the whole second half of the game. When the game seemed to get closer to the end, Neymar still sent a ball to the heart of the box for Marquinhos to connect with his head and score the fifth goal of the night. This Neymar performance is right up there with the best he’s ever given for Brazil, he reached 59 goals with the national team and is getting closer to Pele’s 77 goals which he may very well surpass by the time he gets to the end of his career. The only difference between the two is that Pele won many major trophies with Brazil during his career and Neymar only won the Olympic Gold Medal so far, but the PSG star still has some of his best years to at least get close to O’Rei’s accolades.

At what age do you think Neymar will reach Pele’s 77 goals for Brazil? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.