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Neymar keeps remembering his days at FC Barcelona

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During a shocking interview with DAZN, Neymar kept taking shots at PSG by remembering that elimination against FC Barcelona.

The romance between Neymar and FC Barcelona was the most palpable when they eliminated PSG together, it was during the 2016-17 Champions League.

Just a few months before the Brazilian shocked the world with his transfer to the French giants, he was the one who practically eliminated from that season’s tournament.

But the love between the player and his current club is completely gone, Neymar simply doesn’t know how to appreciate how much they have done for him.

Earlier in the summer, the Brazilian already took a dig at PSG by saying that the favorite moment of his career was when he eliminated his current club.

However, nobody asked him any further about that night until today.

The star gave an interview to DAZN, a new network that is taking over broadcast sports and they are landing some very interesting interviews with high profile personalities from the world of sports.

Neymar is one of their latest to interview, they directly asked him about that evening at the Camp Nou.

That was arguably the best night of Neymar’s whole professional career, he truly was unplayable against PSG and he was the one who led the Catalan club to victory.

People forget but Barcelona was basically eliminated from the tournament before that return leg, Neymar described the feeling ahead of the match.

“Even during the training session in the morning, I saw all my teammates who were happy and nobody was either depressed or worried about making the comeback,” said Neymar on DAZN.

“The talk the manager gave us was about playing our best football, that time was all about transforming Barcelona’s game into a spectacular event for everybody.”

“We really didn’t know if we would go through but we knew we would win the match at least, we were certain that we could play a good game on our own stadium.”

“Two of my friends even told me that PSG had a great squad and they believed we were doomed.”

“I simply stood up and said to them: ‘You are my friends and you work with me, it’s almost as if we aren’t capable of changing this result. We will reverse this situation, I promise I will score two goals for you guys’.”

“I’ve never seen the Camp Nou like that evening. After the sixth goal, I felt the stadium was huge. I doubt that I will ever live something similar ever again.”

“I have no doubt that was one, if not the best match that I’ve ever been a part of. It is certainly one of the most emotional in my career.”

“None of us realized how important that game would eventually become for football.”

Neymar is still between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Knowing that he wants to leave just by looking at statements like this one, Neymar is deadset on leaving PSG but he is currently going through a difficult period where he can’t decide.

He wants the Catalan club to make an offer for him but he is also willing to play at Real Madrid if nothing happens from Barcelona.

Chances are that the Barça board is fed up with what he did back in 2017, and they are simply not willing to make an effort for a player who didn’t want to stay with them in the first place.

This is the way things work, Neymar can’t simply erase everything he’s done against the Catalan club.

Florentino Perez already made him an offer that will be hard to refuse. Diario Sport reports he will keep the same wage he has at PSG (€40 million per season) and he will come to the club as one of the biggest stars.

It’s safe to say that Neymar will obviously return to his best form regardless of the club he represents next season, he left the injuries he suffered behind.

For now, the player decided to not be a part of the squad that will make the Ligue 1 debut on Sunday because he wants to sort out his future.

We honestly believe Neymar is closer to Real Madrid than he is of Barcelona right now.

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