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Neymar keeps winning matches for Paris Saint-Germain

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Another solitary goal from Neymar gave Paris Saint-Germain the victory at Bordeaux on Saturday. Mbappe played football again.

With this latest goal against Bordeaux, that makes it three for Neymar’s count as Paris Saint-Germain’s savior.

The Brazilian player is clearly the most important footballer that the French giants currently have at the start of Ligue 1.

This was an especially difficult visit for PSG since they lost their mid-week game against Reims at home.

Manager Thomas Tuchel made the decision to line up Neymar with Angel Di Maria and Pablo Sarabia, all three players performed very well in Bordeaux.

However, the most active footballer for PSG remains Neymar. The Brazilian never stopped trying to score goals for his club despite the fans still criticizing him for attempting to leave this summer.

Neymar regards himself as a professional who will always put his work before anything else, the only way in which he can fight against pressure is by delivering results.

The Brazilian was the most active player in today’s visit to Bordeaux, he nearly scored the opening goal in a number of opportunities during the first half.

The problem today was that Neymar wasn’t as lucky in front of goal as he usually is, but he would have a long time to get it.

Girondins Bordeaux wasn’t really a competitive side this evening, especially against a talent as great as Neymar.

The locals somehow managed to finish the first half with a nil-nil scoreline, but the second half would bring them more problems.

Enter Kylian Mbappe.

After a first half that was completely dominated by Paris Saint-Germain trough Neymar and Di Maria, manager Thomas Tuchel was clear on what he needed to do.

Yesterday’s call-up list had Kylian Mbappe written on it, the French forward was finally back from an extended period of recovery.

The youngster was on the bench against Bordeaux, it was clear that he was expecting to make his Ligue 1 debut this season and today was the day.

While he was still waiting for his turn, Kylian was cracking jokes next to Mauro Icardi and watching Neymar perform.

But you could clearly recognize he was anxious to get on the pitch, the gaffer would only give him half an hour to play.

There was no reason to risk Mbappe with another injury, muscular problems need to get treated with care when the player in question makes his return.

Kylian took Pablo Sarabia’s spot on the right-wing, he showed signs of his familiar speed from the first minute he touched the ball.

The same spark that we all know and love was still there, Mbappe was happy to play football again next to his buddy Neymar.

In fact, the French player was the one who provided the assist when the Brazilian scored the winning goal with 20 minutes left on the clock.

It was an easy tap-in that Ney only had to do, the power duo is back in business.

Now that we have the two stars back in the game, PSG can finally start thinking about even better results in future matches.

Neymar is still suspended for this week’s UEFA Champions League match that the French squad will play at Galatasaray.

Kylian Mbappe will travel to the Turkish hell for this game, we all know how difficult these visits to the Ottoman country can get.

Although Neymar’s suspension was reduced from the previous three matches he had, the Brazilian still needs to sit one last game before making his return to the UEFA Champions League.

The victory that PSG got against Real Madrid in the opening match is great leverage for this visit to Turkey, they could lose against Galatasaray due to the pressure alone.

Turkish fans are known for making the lives of visiting clubs a living hell when they go to their squad’s stadium.

At least we finally have Neymar and Mbappe together in Ligue 1, we will get to watch them play together again next weekend when they get a visit from Angers at Parc des Princes.

We will see a mixed reaction from the fans when this happens, as they consider Kylian their most valued player and Neymar their enemy at home.

What do you think about Neymar’s goals that have given 9 points to PSG this far in the Ligue 1 season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.