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Neymar rape accuser’s lawyer may drop the case

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According to Danilo Garcia de Andrade, model Najila Trindade has not shown him all the evidence she says she has.

The alleged rape case against Brazil national team and Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar continues to develop.

But today the lawyer of model Najila Trindade, who accused the Brazilian of rape, says he may drop the case as he believes his client is withholding evidence.

According to Trindade, she used a table to record the images that would send Neymar to jail.

She said burglars stole it from her home in Brazil.

And lawyer Danilo Garcia de Andrade says he will drop the case if the police conclude there was no burglary.

“The attorney-client relationship is based always on trust,” he was quoted by the BBC.

“If there is no trust, then there is no reason to stay on.”

Andrade has already set a date to walk away if he’s not shown the information he needs to continue with the case.

The model’s original lawyers quit after she filed a rape allegation with police in Sao Paulo.

They say what she had file was “incompatible with the strategy they had agreed.”

The Brazilian footballer is still facing more charges, as the police are investigating the photos and text he published about her trying to defend himself.