Neymar recalls the bitter World Cup summer with Brazil

MILTON KEYNES, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 20: Neymar Jr of Brazil walks dejected from the pitch after 6 minutes during the International Friendly match between Brazil and Cameroon at Stadium mk on November 20, 2018 in Milton Keynes, England. (Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images)

During the same interview in which he spoke about Lionel Messi, Neymar went down memory lane to remember the bitter World Cup with Brazil.

There is no question that the year 2018 was one of the most difficult in Neymar’s career, he didn’t only suffer a terrible injury that nearly left him out of the World Cup but he also practically took the blame for Brazil’s elimination from the competition.

The PSG star has a long history with injuries during important moments for both club or country, he did come out with no blame during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil after getting a serious back injury that nearly ended his career.

However, his critics have always doubted if he was really injured or he was faking everything to get his markers further away from his legs.

Neymar did have a phrase that pretty much describes his whole personality in a nutshell, it happened after a match with Brazil where he was constantly taken down with fouls.

The player was questioned about the constant rough play he was suffering from rivals, a cocky Neymar responded by saying: “Injuries are my friends who never leave my side, I will only get angry when a player hurts me on purpose,” said Neymar in front of the press.

This exact attitude is what has brought Neymar so many problems with injuries throughout his career, but things escalated to a boiling point last summer.

As he was already getting all the spotlight for his particular philosophy of playing this risky style of football, Neymar was coming fresh out of a metatarsal injury and yet he still decided to keep playing in this manner.

It was evident that he wasn’t at his best during the summer tournament in Russia, which is arguably the main reason Brazil wasn’t able to get through to the final and got eliminated by Belgium in the quarterfinals.

Throughout the whole World Cup qualifiers, before Neymar picked up this injury, it was clear that he was the team leader and he took the squad to a dominating period in which the Brazil National Team qualified with ease thanks to his contribution.

It was only natural that critics would point their fingers at him, but the player didn’t really appreciate this and voiced his disagreement during an interview on Globo Esporte about the abuse that both he and Fernandinho received after the World Cup: “I think that blaming me was very exaggerated.”

“But I always knew it would happen this way, this is the way it’s been throughout my whole career, right? I already know that every time Brazil loses a game, most of the responsibility falls on my shoulders.”

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“Fernandinho is another player who was bullied in a way that I can’t really understand. It even got to a point where I started to watch all my plays from the World Cup and I thought: ‘Maybe I really am simulating’,” said Neymar during the interview.

It’s not that Neymar is the only player to blame for Brazil’s latest disappointment, all of the fans from the country are longing for a key player who can remind them that they still are the nations with the highest number of World Cup trophies in football history.

Neymar was always regarded as the one footballer who could help them all get that lost feeling again, and all he’s brought to these unhappy fans are more heartbreaks in the most crucial moments.

Who knows, perhaps Neymar will come back to his best level of performance and he finally gets his chance to silence all his critics in the upcoming Copa America with Brazil.

Perhaps he will also come back in time to help PSG win the Champions League this season, but the man really is a bitter reminder to all the Brazil fans that he is not living to the expectations that everybody had of him when he started his career.

Even if he ends his career as Brazil’s all-time goal scorer (which he probably will), nobody in Brazil will ever consider him an all-time great if he doesn’t win the major competitions that his country always plays.

Time is starting to run out for Neymar, getting injured like this on a more regular basis isn’t helping and he urgently needs to change his methods in order to start getting better results.

Do you think Neymar will get his revenge for Brazil or not? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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