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Neymar travels to China with Paris Saint-Germain

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Amid all the speculation about his future, Neymar jumped on the plane with the rest of the squad for Paris Saint-Germain’s tour in China.

While Neymar’s situation with Paris Saint-Germain remains stuck, the player jumped on the plane with the rest of his teammates for the tour in China.

The possibilities that the player actually signs for Barcelona have dramatically dropped in recent days, mostly due to the fact that the French club doesn’t want him in the Catalan club.

There is a very clear confrontation between both institutions, we just received the news of PSG signing Xavi Simons from Barça.

This new development might make everything worse between the clubs, Neymar is right in the middle of the drama and he will be the most affected party who is involved.

Given that he is not getting away with what he desires, the player decided to patiently wait for a resolution that may not come until the final deadline day on September the 2nd.

While all that gets settled, the star decided to make the trip to China and he was even surprised with a doping test that also included Kylian Mbappe.

Neymar is set to feature in his club’s two friendly matches against Inter on Saturday, and Sydney Fc from Australia on July 30.

Manager Thomas Tuchel is doing everything in his power to keep Neymar in the club, he is one of the few people who actually want him to stay.

The German coach knew about Neymar’s desire to leave Paris, but he knows that keeping this player means that the club has more chances to win the Champions League next season.

This is the reason Tuchel keeps repeating the same discourse when he is questioned about Neymar, it’s clear that he wants to convince him to stay regardless of his wishes.

Before jumping in the plane to China, Tuchel was asked about the Brazilian’s situation and he sent a very clear message to FC Barcelona about HIS player.

“Neymar will fly with us to China and he will play against Inter Milan in Macao next Saturday. He started training with his teammates on Sunday,” said Tuchel to the media.

“He passed all the tests at the start of last week and we planned for him to get ready for this week in order to improve his fitness.”

“The situation between him and me is very clear, but his situation with the club is another topic. It’s logical that any manager would like Neymar to remain in their club.”

“I don’t like planning anything because anything can happen in the summer transfer window, but I’m quite relaxed about it. Neymar is still my player until the club tells me otherwise,” he concluded.

Barcelona sets a deadline for Neymar’s return.

According to Diario Sport, FC Barcelona was already notified that PSG set July 31 as the final deadline for Neymar’s exit from the club.

If an offer that convinces Al-Khelaifi doesn’t come their way before that date, the Brazilian will remain in the institution for one more season.

The danger of Neymar staying in France after the whole scene he created through his tantrums, is a perfect recipe for disaster. hajj package 2019.

The chairman is a specialist in making rogue players go through hell if he desires, but the odds of that happening are very slim.

Contrary to other footballers such as Adrien Rabiot or Marco Verratti, Neymar is an essential talent who can’t be left on the bench during the season.

Thomas Tuchel wouldn’t accept having such a skilled footballer not performing for them.

The only reason Neymar wouldn’t play any minutes at PSG if he stayed, is if he decided to remain on the bench himself.

There is no doubt that Neymar wants to leave the club, but he also knows that going to any clubs is not an option for him.

For starters, not everybody can afford his transfer and Barcelona won’t go after him unless the French giants agree on a trade.

It looks like Neymar might remain at PSG next season after all, he didn’t get away with his wishes.

What do you think will happen if Neymar remains at PSG after all the drama he created? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.