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Neymar’s career is dangerously close to being over

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We are very worried about Neymar and his future as a footballer, he is getting dangerously close to the end in the most unexpected manner.

We previously spoke about how bad the last couple of years in Neymar’s career have been, the Brazilian is getting close to an abrupt end.

This man’s career just took a massive dive with everything that’s been happening over the last week.

We already knew how poorly advised Neymar was by his entourage, but we really had no idea about the level of ineptitude from some of his closest “helpers”.

To those who have no idea of the situation or live under a rock, Neymar is being seriously accused of rape by a young Brazilian model.

This lady met with the player during mid-April in a Paris hotel, she claims that the player assaulted her with violence and then sexually abused her without his consent.

These types of allegations tend to come out constantly and many of them tend to be false, there are many women who take advantage of players when they flirt because they are only after some easy money.

But the evidence against Neymar has been piling up and it kind of seems like he really did mess it up this time.

The victim has come forth with revealing evidence of bruises and physical signals of violence after the incident, she also presented images of a violent Neymar right before the alleged abuse took place.

Things are not looking well for him, and the way he’s been handling it is also in poor fashion.

Neymar’s poor comeback and his father’s untimely statement.

In light of the whole scandal that was taking place around the player, the PSG star made the ill-adviced decision to publish a video where he wanted to defend himself.

A public statement coming forward in his own defense is actually a great move in the eyes of the law, but Neymar had to take it further.

We don’t know if the player was adviced by someone or he made this decision by himself, but publishing intimate pictures of the alleged victim on a social network is considered a crime.

The player left the video for nearly 24 hours and then his lawyers took a while to make him take them down.

However, the damage was already done. Neymar is in such deep trouble, that we are starting to think this might be the end of his professional career as we knew it.

The player’s father came out to defend his son, but he didn’t help one bit. Neymar’s situation is so bad right now, that he will certainly lose several of the sponsors that he had before the incident.

This man went from being one of the most recognized faces in sport, to one of the most hated ones in just a matter of two years.

There have been so many things that Neymar has done wrong, but this is right at the top of the list.

Nike’s response to Neymar’s accusations.

Just like they tend to do it all the time when one of their main athletes gets in deep trouble like right now, Nike issued a statement this Monday.

The sportswear brand expressed how concerned they are about Neymar’s situation and they vowed to follow it closely.

We have to remember that Nike is well-known for supporting several social justice issues, which obviously includes the fight against gender violence of any kind.

Although Neymar is one of their best-paid athletes, this company has never hesitated to drop the contracts of some of the biggest names in sports.

Perhaps the most remembered incident of this nature was the time when golfer Tiger Woods lost millions of dollars in sponsorship from Nike.

The American icon lost many deals with the brand after his very public adultery scandal, this hurt Woods’ career quite a bit but he eventually recovered.

Neymar isn’t nearly as big as Tiger was back in his prime, the player is actually one of the footballers with the worst sales they have.

The company wouldn’t hesitate to cancel their sponsorship if these allegations moved forward against him with any shred of truth to them.

Neymar better pray this doesn’t get any worse, things would get really ugly for his career.

What do you think will happen to Neymar after this whole situation is cleared? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.