Neymar’s Clasico ban to be studied by TAD

FC Barcelona filed an appeal against Neymar’s ban on Friday and the TAD is now set to hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss it

Written by Christian Møller Poulsen. April 22, 2017

Barcelona have employed a strategy in an attempt, to have Neymar’s 3-day match ban temporarily suspended, which would make him able to play the Clasico in Madrid this Sunday.

Barcelona has used a legal loophole, as the club filed the appeal at TAD at 16:00 CET, which was an hour after the committee has held its daily meeting.

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The loophole is provided because of a contradiction between the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) regulations and Article 90 of the Spanish legal code. According to law of the FEF a club only has 48 hours to make an appeal for a ban reduction, but the Spanish law says it has 15 days.

The TAD is going to hold a meeting today, to study Barca’s appeal, and they might choose to temporarily suspend Neymar’s ban.


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