Neymar’s complicated return to the Brazil National Team

We take you through the already complicated return that Neymar had to the Brazil National Team ahead of the upcoming Copa America.

Neymar’s year continues to be quite dreadful well into 2019, his bad luck has been extended to the Brazil National Team this week.

We’ve already reported about the knee injury he suffered last Tuesday during practice, the player underwent some tests and he has the whole country quite scared.

Even though Neymar is not loved in his own country due to his lack of results with the national team, there is no denying that he is their most valuable player for the upcoming Copa America.

The PSG star is another proof of how some countries mistreat their biggest stars despite being the obvious hope to win any trophies in the foreseeable future.

Last summer’s World Cup nightmare ended with Brazil getting eliminated by Belgium in the tournament’s quarterfinals.

Neymar was coming from a nasty metatarsal injury that prevented him from performing to the full extent of his abilities.

The star hoped for a better 2019 but destiny simply didn’t want him to enjoy success as he believes he deserves.

Early in the year, Neymar suffered a fresh injury on the exact same spot that he got it last year and took a few months to recover.

The main hope for him was to get fit in due time for the Copa America, which will take place in his country.

The possible consequences of this new injury.

There are positives and negatives to take from this new injury that Neymar suffered.

The bright side is that he didn’t get hurt on the same foot where he’s already suffered two consecutive injuries.

However, Neymar appeared to hurt his knee and this could potentially be a far more dangerous area for a footballer.

As soon as the images started circling the internet, everybody in Brazil started speculating with this new problem and remembering the terrible past that Brazilian Ronaldo endured.

A serious knee injury from Neymar would ignite some of the country’s least favorite memories of the former striker missing two years of competition.

Although Neymar’s problem didn’t seem to be serious, the doctors will have to keep him under observation and hope for the best.

From a distance and judging on the CBF’s statement, they are also worried about Neymar’s Copa America participation.

“Neymar underwent image tests this Tuesday at Teresopolis under the supervision of Brazil’s doctor, Rodrigo Lasmar,” said a statement on the Brazilian FA’s official website.

Tite, Neymar, Brazil, Nigeria

Neymar wasn’t a pre-match risk, says Brazil boss Tite

Tite insists that Neymar hadn't given him any reasons to doubt his fitness after the forward lasted just 12 minutes into Brazil's 1-1 friendly draw with Nigeria.

“The medical staff discarded any serious injury on the player’s left knee.”

“As a consequence of the pain he was feeling in the affected area, Neymar will continue treatment and the doctors will keep monitoring his recovery.”

“The player will undergo more tests on Wednesday.”

Neymar also gets stripped off the captain’s armband.

If this wasn’t enough, Neymar has also been stripped out of the captain’s armband.

The PSG star was the team’s skipper throughout most of the manager’s tenure in the squad, but ‘Tite’ decided to make Dani Alves the skipper for the Copa America.

This decision can be taken under two different lights.

The positive aspect of this could be that Neymar won’t have as much pressure to perform and be the team’s leader throughout the tournament.

However, the negative aspect of this decision could be that Neymar has been demoted by his own manager inside the Brazil National Team.

We believe that the Paris Saint-Germain player hadn’t been able to play to the full extent of his abilities after he was named the captain of the squad.

Wearing the number ’10’ jersey was more than enough pressure for him and it was clear this affected him on a fundamental level.

Perhaps this new role can help him improve inside the pitch, but he will have to recover completely from the fresh knee injury he just suffered.

Hopefully, these new setbacks are not something that discourages Neymar for Copa America.

Brazil needs to have the best version of the PSG star, he is one of the best players in the world when he is completely fit.

Why do you think Neymar is going through such an unfortunate moment? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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