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Neymar’s The Best nominees shortlist absence explained

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FIFA released the 10-men shortlist of nominees for The Best awards this year, the biggest absentee is Neymar and we explain why he missed the call.

After looking at the shortlist of nominees for the FIFA The Best Awards that will take place in London on September 24, Neymar’s absence amongst the best players of the year according to FIFA was more than noticeable. The reason for this could be more than just a poor performance at the World Cup, for we all know how much rejection Neymar’s behavior during the tournament has brought from proper legends of the game and even FIFA officials.

The performances Neymar offered playing for Brazil against both Mexico and Belgium left a really bad impression with refs from both matches, but the worst reaction came from the world of football as well as the fans. The PSG player suddenly became a meme sensation and everybody started mocking him online around the world with videos and other types of media. Even the Neymar challenge became popular online where kids and grownups alike started mimicking the player’s simulations after they received the smallest of contacts during a match.

Although it is possible that Neymar wasn’t included in FIFA’s list of nominees for The Best Award due to his below average World Cup performance. We can also add this inexcusable behavior against rivals that is considered as the opposite of fair play by FIFA officials. Also, his PSG campaign has been below what was expected of him because his team got eliminated from the Champions League last season and he couldn’t shine in the most crucial moment against Real Madrid. For now, all Neymar can do is start from scratch and give it another go at fighting for all the titles with PSG. However, he will have to wait another four years for another title shot with Brazil at the World Cup.