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Niguez believes Griezmann can “succeed anywhere”

Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona, La Liga
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According to the former Antoine Griezmann’s teammate, Saul Niguez, the footballer is good enough to be a star in any team he plays on.

Antoine Griezmann was one of the biggest transfers of the summer as he moved from Atletico Madrid to Barcelona in the Spanish La Liga.

And according to his former Los Colchoneros teammate, Saul Niguez, the Frenchman can succeed anywhere.

“A player of his level can succeed anywhere,” he told Goal.

“He has to feel comfortable, important, happy, the only thing he’s after is enjoying football and if he’s not enjoying the position he’s playing or whatever, he won’t be at his best.”

Niguez explained: “He doesn’t just contribute on the pitch, at least not at Atletico. He’s happy, positive. He’s one of the players that are always good to have.”

“Everyone will look for the best solution. He works hard, does his best for the team and if the coach decides if he should play on the left, he will do, and he will adapt to be one of the best on the left flank.”

“He’s really good, he always sacrifices himself for the good of the team and I only have super positive things to say about Antoine,” he commented.

“It happens at all teams. You don’t know the mechanisms, your teammates if a player wants it to feet or in space… they’re details that come in time.”

“You can be happier because of the weather, the city, the family, but at the end of the day these are the things you have to adjust to and [Griezmann] will be more and more happy in Barcelona all the time,” he concluded.