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Nine players sacked due to coronavirus financial repercussions

FC Sion,
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The impact on football due to the coronavirus just got even more real for nine players at Swiss side FC Sion.

As the coronavirus pandemic has brought football to a halt, smaller less affluent football clubs are struggling to meet their financial obligations.

This has led on a team to ask their players to take a significantly reduced one-off payment and then become unemployed by the club.

FC Sion of the Swiss first division are in such a predicament.

Their president sent his entire squad a WhatsApp message explaining the situation and offering the players a payment of 12,000 Swiss Francs each.

In return, this would mean placing their contracts at the club on hold as technically becoming unemployed.

According to Goal, this message was not received too well by the players, and many simply ignored the message or rejected the offer.

As such, the club subsequently fired nine players whose contracts expire this June.

Among those dismissed were former Arsenal players Johan Djourou and Alexandre Song.

The Swiss players association has demanded the club rescind the action immediately.

They said:

“You have terminated the employment contracts of the players without notice by letter dated 18 March 2020.”

“We hereby expressly protest against this termination without notice.”

“We, therefore, expect you to withdraw these abusive terminations immediately and to enter into discussions on possible alternatives.”