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No golf for Gareth Bale at Euro 2020

Gareth Bale, Wales
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There will be no golf available for Gareth Bale while he is on duty with Wales at Euro 2020.

Wales and Gareth Bale have qualified for Euro 2020.

They will play in the group whose games will be played in Baku, so there is a strong likelihood their base will be in Azerbaijan

The onus is now on the Welsh Football Association to find a suitable location for that base for the team to prepare for their games in the competition.

That privilege has been bestowed on Jonathan Ford, the chief executive of the Welsh FA.

However, while the players need somewhere for downtime, this downtime will unfortunately for Bale, not include golf.

Bale is an avid golfer and has often been criticized for playing too much.

He even sparked controversy recently with his “Wales, Golf, Madrid in that order” celebrations.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Ford is insistent that football is the priority, and he has strict instructions from manager Ryan Giggs.

He said:

“Ryan is clear that while in camp, our focus should be on the football.”

“Golf won’t be on my checklist when I look at base camps.”

“You can’t be in a situation where you have players risking their fitness by playing golf.”