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“No Grealish deal” with United, the focus is on Villa

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Jack Grealish has no deal in place to move to Manchester United or any other club, the player’s only focus, for now, is helping Aston Villa avoid relegation.

Rumor has it that Jack Grealish’s move to Manchester United is already a done deal.

This according to the player’s agent this is not true and the player has only one thing on his mind right now.

Jonathan Barnett insists that Jack Grealish has the ability to make the move up to become a Champions League regular. However, for right now his only ambition is to save his boyhood club from relegation.

Speaking to Stretty News Barnett believes that the player and the club re confident they can pull off a relegation escape.

He said:

 “Absolutely no deal has been done with anybody.”

“I don’t think Aston Villa looking at the Championship themselves, they believe that, hopefully, they’ll get out of the trouble they’re in.”

“Jack believes it, he’s fighting hard, as hard as he can to stop that. That’s all that is on his mind at the moment.”

“He’s not interested in anything else other than fighting to get Aston Villa out of any trouble.”

A future in the big leagues would be a natural progression in eventually in the player’s career.

He added:

“On the other hand, I think as far as his career is concerned, it would be great for him to play in the Champions League and develop his great skills and I’m not sure in which country or where that will be.”

“But that conversation won’t happen now because all he wants to do is fight and help Aston Villa.”

So should Grealish remain at Villa Park, then who will Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United target?