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No Premier League for Valverde he wants a “cultural experience”

Ernesto Valverde
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Ernesto Valverde is not keen on a job in the Premier League as he is seeking a new “cultural experience” after his time at Barcelona.

Ernesto Valverde was only fired by Barcelona a few weeks ago. Already the questions are coming thick and fast about a new job.

The Spaniard though is in no hurry to make his next move.

It appears that the dream move that so many seek in the “best league in the world,” the Premier League is not on Valverde’s to-do list.

Well not right now anyway.

He wishes to travel and find a new football experience much like former Barcelona player Andres Iniesta.

In an interview reported by Goal, Valverde considers a footballer’s career too short. It is important to try and experience as many new things as possible, no matter how far away that may be.

He said:

“People ask me sometimes ‘How about the Premier League?’ and I say ‘Well actually I’d like to go to Australia.”

“A career in football does not last forever and sometimes you think you have to take the opportunity to live in strange places.”

He takes inspiration from Iniesta.

Valverde added:

“I applauded Andres when he told me he going to Japan.”

“Wow, he gets to understand a different culture and different people’.”

“I am also very interested in Japan.”

He is still undecided though, concluding:

“We’ll see what I end up doing, I haven’t been out of work for very long.”

“I don’t have to decide anything yet, I haven’t got a very clear idea at the moment.”

“It’s possible I’d go somewhere abroad. The truth is I like to do strange things so I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Barcelona was not satisfied with him, but his record is pretty good.

There will be some big clubs interested in Ernesto Valverde when he decides to get back into football.