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‘Nobody can understand it’ – Song vows to fight Sion sacking

Alex Song, Arsenal, FC Sion
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Former Arsenal and Barcelona midfielder Alex Song plans to take legal action against FC Sion for his sudden dismissal.

Former Arsenal players Alex Song and Johan Djourou got a nasty shock this month when Sion released them. They were two of nine players to lose their jobs amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Reports state that the players rejected a reduced wage structure from the Swiss club after all football activity had been suspended. Therefore, Sion fired them with immediate effect.

While club president Christian Constantin has come out and defended their actions, Song isn’t on the same page. He’s understandably frustrated and intends to fight for his rights.

Song told RMC: “My lawyer will take care of it, it’s gone to FIFA. We’re going to defend our right.

“We played a friendly on Friday and we were supposed to meet with the president on Monday, then Tuesday. We had no news. We received a WhatsApp message on Tuesday afternoon to tell us that everyone had to sign a paper saying that we’d reduce our salaries, that we’d be paid around 12,000 euros.

“We had to return the paper by 12pm the next day. We received this document without an explanation.”

On why he didn’t sign the deal Sion offered, Song said: “We decided together to not sign this document. We wanted to discuss it.”

The Cameroonian added:  “I’ve not committed any professional mistake.

“Every club talks to their players to reach solutions. I don’t understand what’s happened. Nobody can understand it.”