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Nobody expected the result against Real: Jan Oblak

Jan Oblak

Atletico Madrid defeated Real Madrid 7-3 last weekend, and according to Los Colchoneros goalkeeper Jan Oblak, nobody expected that result.

There was much talk after Atletico Madrid defeated Real Madrid 7-3 last weekend in the United States.

And for Los Colchoneros goalkeeper Jan Oblak, the result was a welcome surprising result.

“Nobody expected a result like that, but it came from the intensity we took into the game,” he told Marca.

“We scored a lot of goals and had a lot of chances, but the most important thing is that we played well.”

“It’s a friendly, so you can’t talk much about it,” he added.

“Other teams will compete more in LaLiga Santander and the Champions League.”

He asked fans to remain calm: “We have to be calm.”

“There’s a long time left until the start of the season and that’s when it’ll be important to be like this with that intensity and unity. It’s still far.”

“The season is long, but that’s a game that we won. The result changes nothing,” he commented.

“[Diego Costa] brings a lot and nobody can contribute like him.”

“I’m sure it’ll be a great year but he was important last year too even though he didn’t score many goals,” he added.

“It’s clear that [Joao Felix] very talented, but he’s young and you have to be patient. We have to help him grow.”