Nobody wanted Renato Sanches to leave Bayern

Renato Sanches’ Bayern Munich teammates loved him, and although he didn’t have a good time with the team, they didn’t want him to leave.

In 2016 Renato Sanches joined Bayern Munich after only one year after his professional debut with Benfica in his native Portugal.

The midfielder was loaned to Swansea City for a season, and in the last 12 months, he only played 960 minutes for the Bavarians.

Which is one of the reasons he was let go, joining Lile in the French Ligue 1.

Now his teammates have talked how they never wanted him to go.

“Renato is a super lad. I understand how he feels,” Bayern’s coach Niko Kovac told The Daily Mail.

“I spoke to him before he went. He is a great guy and it’s a real shame that he’s not with us anymore,” said goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Thomas Muller, Philippe Coutinho, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

Kovac says it will be unlikely to see Coutinho and Muller in the same...

According to the Bayern Munich coach, Niko Kovac, both players don't fit in the team's line-up at the same time so he doesn't think they will be featured together.

Recently acquired Philippe Coutinho added that Sanches was a “great player” and Bayern will “definitely miss.”

For Philippe Coutinho, Sanches was ‘great player’ whom Bayern would ‘definitely miss’.

“At Bayern, I learned to work hard, to never give up and to always give my best,” Sanches said during his Lile presentation.


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