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Nottingham donated 3,000 food parcels to charity

Nottingham Forest, Championship
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After the game between Nottingham Forest and Reading was postponed, the club donated all the game food available for sale to a local homeless charity.

Saturday’s English Championship match between Nottingham Forest and Reading was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

And the local club had already prepared 3,000 food parcels ready for sale but it was potentially going to waste after the game was postponed.

But Nottingham Forest director Jonny Owens explained how the club decided to give it away to a local homeless charity.

“The game was called off on Saturday and we were left with all this food that was prepared for matchday,” he told talkSPORT.

“So the board made a very quick decision with the community trust to try and get it out to as many people as possible in Nottingham.”

He added: “We have a relationship with a charity called Framework who do fantastic work in Nottingham, and almost 3,000 food parcels went out to help feed the homeless.”

“The fans have been absolutely fantastic as well, they are central to this. They helped feed the homeless across the summer in Nottingham.”

“It’s the power of football sometimes that people don’t recognize enough, it can help in such a physical way,” he said.

“When I see the work done by Nottingham Forest and all football clubs and players with their community Trusts and charities, it’s astonishing.”

“It’s the side of things people don’t talk about,” he commented.

“It’s something in the club way back in the DNA of Brain Clough who was very active in the local community.”

“A good example at Forest is that the club recently took over the local schools competitions that have been going for 100 years that had simply run out of money,” he said.

“So Forest has stepped in so that schools in Nottingham can still play one another, and that’s funded by Nottingham Forest Football Club.”

“These are all things people don’t know about that football clubs tend to do now behind the scenes,” the director concluded.