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Now Rivaldo is not so sure Brazil will win the Copa America

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The former Brazilian star believes Neymar’s absence will hurt his country’s chances at the tournament in Brazil.

Neymar is injured and he will not play in the 2019 Copa America tournament in his native Brazil.

And for former footballer Rivaldo, this hurts the chances of his country to lift the title.

“Before’s Neymar injury I really thought Brazil would win the tournament,” he told Betfair.

“He makes the difference to any team and, after his season with PSG, I thought he would like to show to the world the amazing player he is.”

He explained: “Now that we know he won’t play, the Copa America is more open than ever.”

“Brazil 2.40 are the favorites, but they will feel the weight of Neymar’s absence and Argentina 4.60 and Uruguay 8.20 are serious contenders.”

“This is not similar to what happened to Ronaldo before 1998 World Cup final when he played after an epilepsy problem,” the footballer said.

“That happened hours before the match. We were all shocked. We all saw what happened.”

Rivaldo concluded: “He was driven to a hospital, came back and decided to play just a few minutes before the final started. That affected all of us.”

“Now Brazil will have more time to take in Neymar’s absence and prepare for it. The other players need to step forward, take responsibility and shine.”