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Official: Antoine Griezmann will leave Atletico Madrid

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After a long meeting with the club’s board of directors, Antoine Griezmann has decided to leave Atletico Madrid at the end of the season.

It’s been a very disappointing season for Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann, the French forward won’t continue at the club next season.

A report from Diario Sport reveals that the player had an extended meeting with Miguel Angel Gil Marin, sporting director Andrea Berta, and manager Diego Simeone.

The player expressed his disappointment for this failed season at the Colchoneros and told the club that he won’t continue next season.

This new information only intensifies the rumors of Barcelona landing a new contract with him and forgiving what he did last summer.

We can’t forget that Antoine Griezmann toyed with all the Barcelona fans about his possible arrival, and with many local journalists as well.

The player only used his possible transfer to the Catalan club in order to increase his contract extension with Atletico Madrid.

Antoine announced that he was staying with the Colchoneros for one more season through a ‘mockumentary’ that Gerard Pique sponsored.

This action is something that the FC Barcelona fans still haven’t forgotten, but the club appears to regard as “water under the bridge”.

FC Barcelona’s desperation might be the biggest reason for them to accept anew negotiation for Antoine Griezmann, whose contract goes down from €200 to €120 million on July the 1st.

This facilitates the negotiation for the player between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, his transfer is imminent after this Tuesday’s meeting.

Diego Simeone’s squad called for this meeting as soon as possible in order to avoid any more drama like the one from last summer.

They also wanted to know what Griezmann was going to do in order to have time to find a proper replacement.

Manager Diego Simeone has repeatedly stated that he trusted Griezmann would stay at the club but he just realized that it wasn’t going to happen.

All the Atletico Madrid fans must be very disappointed for the way in which this player has decided to leave the Colchoneros.

After taking a good chunk of money from the institution without leaving any trophies behind this season, that’s the legacy Antoine Griezmann leaves at Atletico Madrid.

Certainly, many fans from the club are regretting that new contract they celebrated and they won’t welcome him back with open arms.

Griezmann’s reason to leave Atletico Madrid.

When Antoine Greizmann decided to remain at Atletico Madrid last summer, he did it because he felt the club could play the Champions League final.

The motivation was to play this match at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium but the club didn’t live up to the expectations.

Manager Diego Simeone has repeatedly stated that the transfers he brought last summer needed some time to adapt but Griezmann can’t wait.

The star is already entering his veteran stage and he obviously wants to win more trophies on a personal level.

To his understanding, playing alongside the likes of Leo Messi and Luis Suarez will get him a lot closer to his objectives.

FC Barcelona is desperate to sign the best possible players for next season, their main goal remains to win the Champions League while Messi is still playing at the top of his game.

Another incentive for Griezmann to leave Atletico for Barcelona, is the fact that he always wanted to play next to Leo Messi and this is the ideal opportunity for him to achieve that.

We can wait for an announcement to be made sometime after July the 1st, Antoine Griezmann won’t continue to play at Atletico Madrid according to these reports from Diario Sport.


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