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Official: Bayern Munich won’t buy James from Real Madrid

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We finally know what is going to happen to James Rodriguez for certain, Bayern Munich announced they will not buy him from Real Madrid.

There was a lot of speculation about James Rodriguez’s future at Bayern Munich, the Bavarian club was still deciding about the player’s future.

The Colombian playmaker arrived from Real Madrid on a loan two years ago, he came with the possibility of becoming a player for the German squad if they paid €42 million to Los Blancos.

If the whole negotiation became a reality, Bayern Munich was expected to pay the money but things didn’t work out well for either side.

The club actually enjoyed James Rodriguez on the squad during the last two seasons, but they weren’t able to find him a secured spot in the starting XI.

As we all know, this club has a long tradition of almost never having players with a secured place within the squad.

Any manager who comes to Bayern knows he will make rotations throughout the season, which is not something James is looking for.

The star actually left Real Madrid due to the same problem, there were other players who had more opportunities than he did.

When he decided to accept the loan from Bayern, James believed he would play a lot more than he did over the last two years.

Problems with Niko Kovac.

James’ problems started when the club decided to sack Carlo Ancelotti and gave Niko Kovac a chance to coach the squad.

The former Croatian player came from Eintracht Frankfurt to coach the Bavarian team, he took control from interim manager Jupp Heynckes.

The German manager is the one who took control of the squad for the remains of the season after Carlo Ancelotti was sacked, the Italian is the one who brought James.

When Kovac arrived, he realized that James Rodriguez didn’t really follow the rules as he wanted.

Both player and manager started having very evident disagreements with each other, with James allegedly stating that he wanted to leave the squad.

This problem went all the way up to chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who immediately tried to fix things between the two.

It was well-known that the board of directors really liked James Rodriguez and they wanted him to remain at the club, they did everything they could in order to convince him to stay.

But the damage between the two was done, Kovac won the double at the club and he ended the season with the upper hand on the whole situation.

It was evident that James Rodriguez didn’t want to continue as a Bayern Munich player while Kovan was still around.

We hadn’t heard a single statement from the player or the board about his future, only rumors from the media.

But all that changed on Tuesday after a statement made by Rummenigge.

The club’s chairman wanted the player to stay, but he recently received a visit from him that changed his mind.

James requested the club to not buy him next season, something that made a massive impact on Rummenigge.

The club understands that they are not keen on keeping any player inside the club against his will.

This means that James Rodriguez will return to Real Madrid during the summer and his future is still in the air.

“The decision was taken because he came to see me before the end of the season to ask me not to take up the option,” said Rummenigge to Sport Bild.

“Exercising the option against his will would have made no sense,” said Rummenigge.

“You shouldn’t sign a player for 42 million euros, with a corresponding salary, if you can’t offer him a starting place on the team.”

“Here he has no guarantee,” added Rummenigge.

“Personally, I regret it. I’m a big fan of James, he is a player of great qualities. It wouldn’t be fair to Real and it’s not the kind of thing FC Bayern do. We do not traffic human beings.”

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