Official: Benfica confirms Atletico’s offer for Joao Felix

Through an official letter directed at the Portuguese Market Value Commission, Benfica confirmed Atletico Madrid’s hefty offer for Joao Felix.

As we’ve been telling our readers over the last few weeks, Atletico Madrid made a €120 million offer to Benfica for Joao Felix.

This information just became official after the Portuguese club decided to send a notification to the Portuguese Market Value Commission with details about the offer.

Every single time a local player gets an offer from a foreign football club in Portugal, a notification like this needs to happen as part of the protocol.

This revelation confirms that the Colchoneros are not joking around, they are going all in for the Benfica teenager and making him their biggest bet for next season.

Joao’s last season was good enough to convince manager Diego Simeone that they want this player, whom they consider a footballer with an untapped potential that can someday rival Cristiano Ronaldo or Luis Figo’s success.

Some may think that €120 million are too much for a teenager, but Simeone and the Atletico Madrid board don’t see it that way.

The Spanish club is convinced that they can take Felix to a level that can be good enough to transform Atletico into a title contender for all the competitions they will play next season.

The last term was very disappointing for the Colchoneors, which is another reason for the club to make a decision of this nature.

Through the letter that was facilitated to several media outlets in Portugal by the club, they make the official announcement of the offer presented by the Spanish club.

They also note that the club offered a total of €126 million from which €6 million will cover the expenses of the operation.

Portuguese agent Pedro Cordeiro would be making history if this deal goes through, Benfica now has the last word on what will happen between both club.

Meanwhile, Joao Felix is still enjoying his holidays and we won’t know anything new until the start of the weekend.

The Portuguese wrote the following on their official website:

“Benfica announces according to the effects of article 248-A of the Portuguese Value Code, that Club Atletico de Madrid presented a proposal for the definitive acquisition of the sports rights and the contract of player Joao Felix Sequeira for the sum of 126’000,000 euros which is currently being analyzed.”

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“Furthermore, we inform that the value of such a proposal is above the rescission clause (€120 million) contemplates all the expenses that will inevitably emerge for the expensive services that go along with this operation.”

“In case Benfica decides to accept the proposal that has been presented, the total value the club will receive from Atletico de Madrid on the date the sports rights’ transfer is completed will go up to 120’000,000 (one hundred and twenty million euros).”

Felix makes the Top 5 most expensive transfers ever.

If this deal goes through (it most likely will), Atletico Madrid will complete the fourth most expensive transfer in football history for a teenager.

The youngster will take fourth place amongst the priciest players ever, he took compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo’s place and took Ousmane Dembele out of the Top 5.

As we all know, Neymar is the most expensive with the €222 million that PSG paid for him back in 2017.

Kylian Mbappe is right below the Brazilian with the €180 million that the French giants paid for him a year later.

Then we have Philippe Coutinho, for whom Barcelona paid a grand total of €160 million. Felix would be in fourth place with €120 million, and Ronaldo makes the Top 5 with €117 million that Juventus paid for him last summer.

Despite this new move on Atletico Madrid’s part, we have a feeling that the list of the most expensive players in football history will be modified several times before the end of the summer.

There are still the possible transfers of players such as Antoine Griezmann, Neymar, Paul Pogba, and many more players that will still happen before the end of the transfer window.

Felix is only the beginning of arguably the most active summer in European transfers’ history.

What do you think about Atletico Madrid’s €120 million offer for Joao Felix? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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