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Official: Conmebol bans Lionel Messi for three months

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After the controversial comments he made during the Copa America, Lionel Messi has been banned by Conmebol for three months.

We believed the punishment would be more severe but Lionel Messi just got away with it, the Argentina captain received a three-month ban and a $50k USD fine from Conmebol.

The FC Barcelona star received this punishment after the controversial comments he made against the institution, words that came right after his national team was eliminated from the Copa America last summer.

The Argentina squad lost against hosts Brazil in the competition’s semifinals in a mysterious manner, two clear penalties weren’t awarded for Messi’s side.

The captain didn’t hesitate to call this injustice out after the match, something that completely changed the narrative and the climate ahead of the next game vs Chile.

By the time that game for the third place came on a Saturday, everybody was nervous and Messi was expecting another mistake from the ref to unleash his fury.

There was a moment during that match when Leo got entangled with Gary Medel, both players received a red card and we could obviously expect another statement from Messi.

The man doubled down on his accusations, he flat out called out Conmebol on being corrupt and they promised him an exemplary punishment after speaking against them.

When he was making these statements in front of the media, Leo himself challenged Conmebol by saying he knew that a ban or a fine would eventually come his way.

The AFA president even tried to apologize after siding with Leo, but Conmebol decided to even cut him from his responsibilities with the institution.

Claudio Tapia was a member of the board before the Copa America even started, but his siding with Messi cost him the job.

There was an earlier announcement that Messi wouldn’t receive any type of ban, but the rumors suggested he could even get suspended for two years.

However, the final verdict came out today and it’s very underwhelming to what everybody expected.

Leo will get a $50k dollar fine, plus a three-month suspension he will serve during Argentina’s friendlies against Chile and Mexico during the month of September.

Another commitment with Argentina that Messi will miss will happen in October, which includes a match against Germany and another one against an undisclosed rival.

Messi took it without flinching after his wife posted a picture of the player having dinner in Ibiza, Leo is currently still enjoying his last days of vacation before going back to work for Barcelona next weekend.


Messi will also miss one World Cup Qualifier.

We can’t also forget that the Argentine is set to miss the already established official match after getting sent-off against Chile, this will be next year’s first game that hasn’t been programmed yet.

The most affected person from Conmebol’s measures was the AFA president, who is no longer part of the council.

However, they weren’t as rough against the captain because they know how valuable he is to all the competitions he plays.

There is a very clear idea of Lionel Messi being considered above the law, which becomes even more evident after this latest development.

The suspension Messi will serve will begin on August 3, and it will last until November 3.

At least the Argentine will have some time to rest from his national team and dedicate the whole first half of the season to FC Barcelona.

He will also get his chance to qualify his national team to the upcoming World Cup, and not have to worry about any repercussions from his statements affecting his involvement in next year’s Copa America that is set to be played in Colombia and his own country.

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