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Official: Cristiano Ronaldo gets important Covid-19 update

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After a couple of weeks with no changes, we can finally say that Cristiano Ronaldo has tested negative for Covid-19. Initially, there was a report of him finally leaving quarantine as he was only expecting for his test results. Juventus just reported on their website that Ronaldo is virus-free and ready to go back to the pitch.

Even though it took him more time than expected (because he’s no Zlatan), Cristiano finally has the clear to continue his current season at the Italian club. The Bianconeri sure need him in order to restore the balance in Serie A.

His club posted the following message on their official website just a few minutes ago: “Cristiano Ronaldo carried out a check with a diagnostic test (swab) for Covid 19. The exam provided a negative result. The player has, therefore, recovered after 19 days and is no longer subjected to home isolation.”

Ronaldo could even play against Spezia. 

Now that he is on the clear, the protocols are clear about what needs to happen in order to play this weekend’s match. Juventus makes a trip to Spezia for a new Serie A match on Sunday but Ronaldo still needs to go through a process. This was only the first negative Covid-19 test he presented, which means he is not 100% in the clear yet.

The star still needs at least another negative test in order to have a green light to make the trip that the rest of the squad is making. But we all know Ronaldo, he is probably eager to step on the pitch again. Last Wednesday’s missed opportunity to play against Leo Messi again must have him all fired up.

We know he’s been isolating but still working out hard from the comfort of his home, which makes him ready to play. Andrea Pirlo will make the decision to take him on the trip between today and tomorrow. The good news is that Ronaldo is finally Covid-free.