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Official: Eden Hazard is finally Real Madrid’s new transfer

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Real Madrid finally announced the arrival of Eden Hazard, the Belgian player is Los Blancos’ top summer transfer. At least for now.

That thing all Madridistas were hoping for finally happened, Eden Hazard is officially a new Real Madrid player.

The Spanish giants made the announcement through their official website and they disclosed that he will be presented on June 13 at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid.

The Belgian winger finally makes his childhood dream come true, he will play for the most successful club in history as he always wanted.

Not only that, but Eden Hazard will also fulfill another dream he had as a young boy.

The now former Chelsea legend always had Zinedine Zidane as his biggest childhood idol and he will get to be coached by the French legend.

Things cannot get any better for Eden Hazard’s career right now, he must have a wide smile on his face as he prepares to face Kazakhstan on Saturday with the Belgium National Team.

The star is about to play the first Euro 2020 Qualifier with his country and he hopes to help them get a ticket to the competition.

The player signed a contract for Real Madrid for the next five season, which ends on June 2024.

Reaching an agreement with Chelsea was no easy feat, but Los Blancos finally struck a deal that all parties were happy with.

Details of Hazard’s transfer to Real Madrid.

Initially, it was being reported that Chelsea wanted a total of €120 million for the player because they believe he is worth that much money.

In fact, Eden’s real value according to Transfermarkt is of €150 million. However, president Florentino Perez keeps the same philosophy he’s adopted over the last five years.

He is convinced that despite being one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, Los Blancos shouldn’t pay ungodly amounts of cash for any player.

Real Madrid is a club that any footballer would love to represent due to the long tradition it has.

This is why the president believes the players are the ones who should make the effort to play there.

Having that in mind, the club’s board sat on the negotiating table with Chelsea officials and they refused to pay more than €100 million for Hazard.

This is the reason the deal took this long to become official, because Eden coming to Real Madrid was already a fact.

All the Spanish club needed to do was convincing Chelsea to lower their economic demands.

Florentino closed another impressive deal in a price he believed was fair for both parties, and for the player as well.

The Belgian international coming to Real Madrid was a major objective for the president, and he finally made it happen.

Hazard’s arrival is another step in the right direction.

Real Madrid’s transfer movements are finally starting to take the shape that all Madridistas envisioned, Eden Hazard was another fan favorite everybody wanted.

Now that another objective is finally obtained, Los Blancos can finally focus on getting the most ambitious target they are after.

Signing Kylian Mbappe is the other goal that Florentino Perez wants, but this might be the toughest negotiation he will have to undertake.

All the other deals he’s closed over the two different periods he’s been the president, have prepared him for the one he is about to make for the young Frenchman.

Keep in mind that this transfer may not happen this summer, but Perez is certainly laying the foundations for it to become a reality within the next couple of seasons.

Paris Saint-Germain doesn’t play around when any club has the intention to come after any of their players, they are ruthless in the negotiating table.

Being able to make Hazard’s transfer official means that the club’s board will finally have more time to completely focus on Kylian Mbappe.

We’ll report everything we can from now until the day when Hazard gets presented as a new Real Madrid player at the Bernabeu.

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