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OFFICIAL: Fiorentina signs Franck Ribery

Franck Ribery
Getty Images

French footballer Franck Ribery has been signed officially by Fiorentina. He arrived in Italy and was greeted by hundreds of “Viola” fans.

After leaving Bayern Munich from the German Bundesliga, Franck Ribery was indecisive about if he should retire or play somewhere else.

But the Frenchman decided to join Fiorentina, in part thanks to his former Bavarian teammate Luca Toni.

“I’m happy, I’m here with my family,” he was quoted by Football Italia.

“I’ve talked to Fiorentina for the past week, as well as with Toni, who told me Fiorentina was a great club in a beautiful city.”

“I’m happy because I like being here, even the language,” he said.

“My grasp of it isn’t perfect, but it’s all good.”