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Official: Flamengo withdraw Balotelli offer

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Flamengo has officially withdrawn their offer to Mario Balotelli.

According to Goal.com and a statement from Flamengo, there will be no deal.

As we brought you yesterday at Ronaldo.com, Balotelli’s home town of Brescia had come in with a less lucrative, but somewhat sentimental offer to the extravagant Italian striker.

Balotelli has been without a club since his contract with French side Marseille expired at the end of the 2018/19 season.

The Brazilian sid Flamengo was trying to negotiate a deal to sign him,  but have since had a change of heart.

The club statement said:

“Flamengo, Mario Balotelli, and his representatives have decided, by mutual agreement and after two days of cordial meetings in Monaco, to close on this date all negotiations involving the possible signing of the player.”

It is believed that Balotelli had some rather exuberant demands from the Brazilian club.

His salary was to be a 4 million Euro basic pay, plus bonuses.

Then there was the matter of his brother Enock. Part of his agreement to sign was that they signed his brother too.

Plus guaranteed his brother at least ten games in the reserve team.

Now that Flamengo is out of the picture, it apparently only leaves Brescia left for him to work with.

The player’s ability and form has never been brought into question. It was more his attitude and the behavior that often got him into trouble.

From arguments with coaches to physical altercations. Balotelli has been a party to just about all of it.

His former employers and Marseilles club president Jacques-Henri Eyraud said of him:

A club statement read:

“It’s true that I believed [in him] from the beginning.”

“Even [Marseille owner] Frank McCourt is someone who really believed in his type of profile at this time of the season, although we would have liked to see him come sooner.”

“We are happy to see his performance, the way he was accepted into the group and the way he became integrated by his actions, his attitude, his behaviour on the pitch.”

KRAKOW, POLAND – JUNE 25: (L-R) Mario Balotelli and Enock Balotelli during a training session at Marshal Józef Pilsudski Stadium on June 25, 2012 in Krakow, Poland. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)