Official: Gonzalo Higuain becomes a Chelsea player

After so much time of tiresome negotiations, striker Gonzalo Higuain finally got announced as a new Chelsea player and may play vs Tottenham.

Gonzalo Higuain has been part of a crazy journey from the very start of the season, he began training for Juventus, then he played half a season for AC Milan, and he finally closed a new deal for Chelsea FC.

The Argentine striker comes to a squad managed by Italian Maurizio Sarri, the same manager who took him to break the record of most Serie A goals scored in a single season (36 in 35 matches) back in 2016.

Back then, Sarri was the one who believed Gonzalo Higuain had what it took to bring Napoli back to the very top of Serie A and that’s exactly what he did.

Even if the Italian squad wasn’t able to break Juventus’ dominance, it was clear that Sarri’s squad was competitive again thanks to Higuain’s contribution.

His goals hurt the Vecchia Signora so much, that they decided to sign the player from Napoli for a record-breaking €90 million at the time and they effectively took the best player from the closets competitor they had in Serie A.

Higuain reluctantly agreed to play for Juventus for the next two seasons, but he knew that his time there was done as soon as Ronaldo arrived.

The Argentine player didn’t really want to leave Juventus, but he understood that the club needed to sell him in order to cover the expenses of Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival from Real Madrid.

‘Pipita’ reluctantly agreed on a new deal with the Rossoneri, where he played for the first half of the season but quickly realized that he wouldn’t win any trophies and soon began to search for a new club.

Meanwhile, in England, Maurizio Sarri started his first season with high hopes but he soon noticed that striker Alvaro Morata wasn’t performing as he expected. Also, French forward Olivier Giroud has never really been a striker who can score many goals per-season.

Maurizio was urgently searching for a proper replacement, and then it hit him. The only experience he has with a goal scorer who can really bang them in, was during his time at Napoli with Gonzalo Higuain.

As soon as he made up his mind, Sarri immediately asked the club’s owner to pursue the Argentine’s possible transfer from AC Milan.

The deal wasn’t going to be easy because they needed to also accommodate Alvaro Morata, but the announcement was finally made this Wednesday.

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These are Gonzalo Higuain’s first words as a Chelsea player, first he sent his support to compatriot Emiliano Sala’s family and then he said this: “It was an opportunity that when it presented itself I couldn’t miss out on,” said Higuain on Chelsea’s official website.

“I’m really excited to be here, to be working with Maurizio Sarri again and to be at a club with so much history.”

“I’m just really happy to have completed the move and I hope to achieve all the goals which the club has set for itself between now and the end of the season.”

“I’m someone who is always trying to improve, day after day. I think the most important thing is to be humble, even when we make mistakes, and so when that happens I will always try to rectify that improve.”

“For the rest, I’ll leave other people to give their opinions on me. I’m not someone who likes to talk too much about myself but I’m someone who tries to improve, and get the best out of myself and my team, at every opportunity.”

“Maurizio Sarri is the coach who, in my career, has got the best out of me as a player. He’s someone who knew how to work with me, particularly on the emotional side.”

“That year together was fantastic and in big parts thanks to him, so coming to work with him is very important for me.”

“I’m really happy to have been given the opportunity to do that and I want to get back to that level,” he added.

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