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Official: Injured Neymar is out for the next four weeks

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Through an official statement on their website, Paris Saint-Germain informed the world that Neymar is taking four weeks of recovery from his injury.

We didn’t know the exact extent of Neymar’s injury when he first picked it up this past week during the friendly between Brazil and Qatar, he is missing four weeks of competition.

We already knew that the player as surely going to miss the Copa America but we didn’t know any details of how bad the injury was.

Turns out that Neymar didn’t hurt himself as badly as we believed he did, even though he did get a swollen ankle after the match.

The player needed to undergo the proper tests that could let him know how much time he was going to miss, and then he would have to inform PSG about it.

Now that everybody knows what the real problem is, Neymar can finally tell the world how much time he will need to recover.

The Brazilian player will remain in his country for the next four weeks, that’s how long he will need to recover and then he is returning to France.

This has been a really tough year for him, but coming back from this may help the Brazilian star come back stronger than ever.

It’s moments like these the ones that test a person’s character, Neymar needed a little humbling and he finally got it with everything that’s happening to him on every level.

The PSG forward won’t have to worry about the Copa America because ‘Tite’ has called Willian to replace him already.

It was this Saturday when the club decided to finally drop the announcement on their official website, they also published the information via their social media outlets.

“On Saturday 8 June, Paris Saint-Germain’s first team doctor, Dr. Laurent Aumont, and the club’s Medical Board member and leading figure in sports medicine Professor Gérard Saillant assessed the injury picked up by Neymar Jr in Brazil‘s preparation match for the Copa América last Wednesday,” read the statement.

“The two doctors diagnosed a sprain of the lateral ligament of the right ankle without surgical indication, to be treated with conservative treatment.”

“The Paris Saint-Germain striker is expected to return on the field in four weeks time,” finished the statement on the club’s official website.

This gives Neymar enough time to sort out his personal problems and a little more time to rest in his own country.

The star will also have enough time to watch the Copa America from the stadium, as he plans to attend every single match that his national team will play during the competition and support them from the stands.

Neymar’s future at PSG.

Given how terrible his last couple of years have been in regards to injuries, Paris Saint-Germain has agreed to speak directly to Neymar about his future at the club.

There is a major chance that this player will make a decision about his future during the weeks after the Copa America ends, there is no way of knowing what he will decide.

The club still trusts him but they are utterly disappointed about the bad luck that he’s experienced with those three right ankle injuries.

The club also understands that Neymar hasn’t really handled his image and personal life very well since he arrived at PSG, which is why they also need to talk to him about getting that aspect under control.

The board knows that the player is well protected by his family but they have certain concerns about some of the friends he surrounds himself with.

PSG is deeply worried about the player’s future as a footballer, one that he is completely jeopardizing in recent weeks.

The Brazilian player still doesn’t seem to understand that he is an example to children, he keeps behaving like the “Justin Bieber” of football and he needs to stop.

Hopefully, PSG can help him understand how important keeping his image clean actually is.

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