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Official: Julen Lopetegui becomes Sevilla FC’s manager

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Sevilla FC has announced the appointment of Julen Lopetegui as the new manager of the club, he was brought in by Monchi.

Sevilla FC needed a little bit of good news during the most difficult week for them after Jose Antonio Reyes’ tragic death, they came in the form of Julen Lopetegui.

The Andalucian club has been paying the respects that the player deserved during Reyes’ service, but the club needs to start thinking about the new season.

After Machin was announced to leave the institution, Sevilla quickly started looking for the proper coach who could bring the squad back to being competitive.

The club barely made it to the Europa League this season, they finished in sixth place with 59 points.

The general idea is that Sevilla FC is a club that has enough power to compete to at least make the top-four every season, which is why the board decided to act.

President Castro made the decision to take Joaquin Caparros our of the Sporting Director’s position.

He needed to get someone who completely understood what Sevilla needed and there was only one option.

The clear choice was Monchi, the legendary Sporting Director who left to find fortune at AS Roma but was quickly sacked by the club.

Sevilla FC always kept open arms to him due to how much he’s contributed to the recent success they’ve had.

Monchi’s involvement in all of this.

Monchi quickly started making decisions for the club’s benefit, but he had one of his most controversial left to be announced today.

The club has decided to bring Julen Lopetegui as the new manager, a coach who left the Spanish National Team hanging for a Real Madrid offer.

Karma was quick to act against Lopetegui, as he was sacked by Los Blancos after only a few months in charge.

Many of the Sevilla supporters don’t agree with this decision, but all of them do trust in Monchi’s judgment.

The Sporting Director has a lot of credit at the club, he trusts that Lopetegui will be a fine addition to the club.

The Spanis manager will start working as soon as possible and he will be linked to the club for the next three seasons.

“Sevilla FC and Julen Lopetegui have reached an agreement for the 53-year-old manager who was born in Asteasu, to become the Nervion club’s manager for the next three seasons,” a statement read in the official Sevilla FC website.

“The Basque manager arrives at Sevilla on Tuesday and he will be presented on Wednesday morning.”

“Lopetegui began his career as a manager in the 2003-04 season, shortly after he stopped playing as a professional goalkeeper.”

“His first job was coaching Rayo Vallecano in the Spanish Second Division. He managed the club for ten fixtures only before he made the decision to start managing Real Madrid’s scouting team in 2006.”

Although Julen Lopetegui’s arrival is not regarded as the best idea by several Sevilla supporters, the coach does have a decent record from his time in the Spanish National Team and FC Porto.

Julen will immediately start working alongside Monchi to build the squad for the upcoming season.

More news about the possible arrivals or exits from the Spanish club will come soon, Lopetegui is supposed to be directly linked to all the decisions that are made from this moment forward.

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