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Official: Messi will miss El Clasico next weekend

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The first reports from Messi’s injury have been disclosed and things are not as grave as they could have been, he won’t play vs Inter and will miss El Clasico.

The images of Lionel Messi’s horrific elbow injury are difficult to watch, the worse was expected but we all needed to make sure if he was going to miss El Clasico or even longer.

Fortunately for the Argentine player and FC Barcelona, Messi suffered a distal radius fracture which will keep him out for 3 weeks according to reports from Diario Sport.

Fortunately for everyone, this type of injury is not as serious as others that sometimes keep players out of competitions for several months, we all know how long bone fractures can take to heal but Messi didn’t suffer the incident in a sensitive area of his body.

The player was immediately taken to San Joan Despi’s medical facility after many of the early prognoses were already quite alarming, it was almost certain that he would miss the Champions League match against Internazionale Milano but there was still a small ray of hope that he could make it to El Clasico next weekend.

However, the official report from FC Barcelona’s gave us the news that we didn’t want to hear and Messi will stay out of competition for at least three weeks depending on how his recovery process develops.

With this news about his fracture, Lionel Messi will miss up to five matches throughout all competitions during the time that the Argentine will stay injured.

First, Lionel will surely miss out on both Champions League matches against Internazionale Milano, the first at Camp Nou in a couple of days and the second one on 6 November at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium.

Messi will also miss out on next weekend’s El Clasico action, which marks the first time we won’t enjoy a Barcelona vs Real Madrid match without the presence of either him or Cristiano Ronaldo since December 2007.

Between the match against Los Blancos and the second one against Inter, Barcelona will travel to play against Cultural Leonesa in Copa del Ray, as well as Vallecas to play against Rayo Vallecano in La Liga.

And finally, right before the next international break on November, Messi will also miss out on the match against Real Betis at the Camp Nou.

All players then go on the final commitment with their respective national teams, and they will return with their clubs on the final week of November.

Messi’s possible return to activity

What the Barcelona doctors are aiming for with this new setback in Lionel Messi’s current season, is to have him back in form and ready to play when the final international break of 2018 is over.

On 24 November, FC Barcelona has a crucial visit to the Metropolitano Stadium against Atletico Madrid.

Apart from the objective of having Messi fit for this match, the club will also have the complicated task of staying as La Liga’s leaders in the next month without their skipper and have him back to keep fighting for it against the Colchoneros.

El Clasico doesn’t matter anymore, Messi won’t be in it and we are potentially going to watch a match that will have everyone wondering what it will be like without a player like him or Cristiano Ronaldo for that matter.

With the latest injury this Saturday, Lionel Messi has suffered 14 throughout his career with the Catalan club. Most of his physical problems during matches have been of muscular nature, with only a couple of them being more serious like today.

Get ready for a full month without Lionel Messi, we know we won’t like it.

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