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Official: Zlatan Ibrahimovic bids farewell to the MLS

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After so much speculation about his future, Zlatan Ibrahimovic finally decided to announce that he will no longer play in the MLS. 

In the most Zlatan Ibrahimovic fashion, the Swedish striker just announced that he is leaving the MLS for good and we still don’t know where he is going next.

The legendary striker landed in the United States with the sole purpose of conquering the competition, he failed to win a title but he won the hearts of millions.

Major League Soccer increased its viewership tenfold due to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s incredible nights at LA Galaxy.

Some skeptics weren’t happy with his decision to play in the United States, they believed he was finished as a footballer.

However, Ibra has always relished the opportunity to prove his critics wrong.

Just like he did on every other competition he played, Zlatan let everybody know what he was all about from day one.

Unfortunately, the star didn’t have a competitive-enough squad that could get him to the MLS Cup final during the time he was there.

Other clubs in the country were more equipped to compete for the title, and Zlatan missed the opportunity to win another collective trophy in two consecutive seasons.

Regardless of this failure, Ibrahimovic still managed to turn several footballers to football and possibly ignore other sports for a little bit.

After finishing last season with a defeat against LAFC, we had no idea what his next destination would be. 

Now that a few weeks have passed after LA Galaxy’s elimination, Zlatan Ibrahimovic took his time to make the official announcement in his style.

The man has always shown a sarcastic brand that makes him earn respect from millions of football fans around the world.

With that personality in mind, Ibrahimovic took his announcement to his social media profiles and spoke to his over 72 million followers across all the platforms.

His message was short but to the point, the man even had some time for a low key insult to Americans liking other sports above football.

Ibrahimovic made a lasting impression in the MLS, they won’t forget what he did for the tournament during the two years he played there.

Zlatan leaves the MLS after two seasons and an impressive 53 goals in 58 matches for his club.

These numbers are already incredible, but they take a whole new meaning once you realize that Ibra is already 38 years old.

In his message to the millions of followers, Zlatan wrote: “I came, I saw, I conquered,” said Ibra on his Twitter account.

“Thank you La Galaxy for making me feel alive again. To the Galaxy fans –  you wanted Zlatan, I gave you Zlatan.”

“You are welcome. The story continues…Now go back to watch baseball,” said the striker. 

Where will Zlatan go next?

This is the million-dollar question about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future, the Swedish legend is keeping everybody on their toes with this announcement.

The fact that he already bid farewell to the MLS can only mean that he is closer to telling the world where he will play next.

The options have been discussed on this website several times already, but we honestly have no idea where Ibra will go next.

We do know one thing for sure. These two seasons in the MLS made Zlatan realize that he may be old, but he still has the energy to possibly play in a new club in European football.

The ACL injury he suffered at Manchester United nearly made him finish his career, but Zlatan wanted to prove himself that he could still score many goals.

Now that he regained his confidence, we are convinced that the man wants to go out in a spectacular fashion.

Out of all the possible transfers in the winter transfer window that is about to open, it turns out that Zlatan Ibrahimovic might be the most talked-about player.

We hope that the star managed to get a lot of Americans to fall in love with football, he is the type of player with that special power.

Bring on whatever you decide to do next, Zlatan. We are waiting for your announcement. 

Where would you like Zlatan Ibrahimovic to play next? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.