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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sparks a war with Pep Guardiola

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After hearing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s accusations about committing fouls in the Manchester Derby, Pep Guardiola snapped back in anger.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has to do everything he can to influence Manchester United’s result vs Pep Guardiola’s Citizens later today.

There hasn’t been a Manchester Derby as important as this one in quite some time because both squads are playing for their “lives”.

Hearing Ole talking ahead of the match earlier on Tuesday, we could start to see some similarities between him and Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Scottish manager always saw the best way to influence the referees even before any high profile match.

Solskjaer took a page straight from Sir Alex’s book and did the same in the press conference ahead of this crucial game.

This means that dirty game before the match is completely fair and Solskjaer doesn’t care if he angers Pep Guardiola.

The best distraction against the Citizens is to make them feel uncomfortable even before the match begins and this was brilliant from Ole.

The Norwegian manager knows that the Red Devils are light years away from Manchester City in terms of quality.

There is no other tactic that could affect the Sky Blue team better than this one as the match is just hours away.

Even the Manchester United supporters applauded this cheeky dig at Guardiola’s team.

Ole’s comments that sparked Guardiola’s anger

As you all may know from watching his career during the last decade, Pep Guardiola has always been proud to play offensive football with no ill will against the opponent.

However, we could see some of the Manchester City players get nervous last week against Tottenham in the Champions League.

Players like Fabian Delph or Fernandinho played very close to the line in regards to violence throughout the whole match.

Players making tackles as reckless don’t operate in such way without specific instructions from their manager and Solskjaer caught wind of this.

The Norwegian manager soon realized what the Manchester Derby at Old Trafford would be like and he didn’t hesitate to mention these fouls that his players should expect.

Ole spoke to the press a day before the crucial match on Wednesday and his words affected Guardiola in a very particular way.

“They will snap at your ankles and heels and kick you,” said Ole ahead of the game.

“They are not going to allow us easy counter attacking because there will be fouls, I have absolutely no doubt about it.”

“When you watch those games they commit so many players forward and they will be stopping us as high as they can I think.”

Pep’s response came from a place of anger and surprise

Just a few hours after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke ahead of the game, Guardiola listened closely to a question about his comments in disbelief.

The Norwegian manager was able to get through the Catalan manager’s skin. And just like that, we have a fiery Manchester Derby in our hands.

“Did he say that? With 75 percent the average, or 65-70 percent average of the ball, how do you do that?” said Pep via Sky Sports.

“I never prepare a game in my 10 seasons as a manager thinking about these kinds of things, never. And my players can talk better than me about that. The players who I had in Barcelona, Bayern Munich and here.”

“I’m concerned about many, many other things about the game we have to play to beat them than these kinds of things. Tomorrow in the press conference after the game you can ask him (Solskjaer) again about that.”

“I don’t like it. Our team is not built… and created for that, not at all.”

“Of course there is contact, of course there are fouls. That’s why there are referees, to make a yellow card or red card or whatever they decide, but never, never, never I prepare a game… I want to do our game.”

Do you think Solskjaer’s comments will affect Manchester City’s performance at Old Trafford today? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.