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Top 5 one-club goalscorers in Premier League history

Top 5 one-club goalscorers in Premier League history
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Check it out here as Ronaldo.com names the 5 legends to have scored the most Premier League goals in history for ONE club.

The Premier League has always possessed a plethora of incredible players, capable of producing some jaw-breaking moments in matches. We’ve seen it time and time again for nearly three decades.

But what truly stands out amongst supporters is arguably the goals. On paper at least, these are what decide the games both in terms of result and overall enjoyment. No goals lead to no victory and a dull affair, while plenty of them can lead to three points and a thrilling afternoon of football.

On a rare occasion, every decade or so, one attacker stands out amongst his peers. This player becomes a legend in the eyes of the supporters by bagging 20-30 goals-per-season for his club. Even years later, he is still remembered for his exploits.

So here on Ronaldo.com, we give you the top 5 one-club Premier League goalscorers in history.