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Only in Colombia: mob wanted to kill Chilavert for Asprilla

faustino asprilla, colombia
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Faustino Apsrilla had a brawl on the field with Jose Luis Chilavert, so the Colombian mob wanted to kill for him.

Asprilla rose to prominence in world football when he took to the Premier League stage with Newcastle United.

The flamboyant Colombian was an excentric both on and off the field.

In his native Colombia however, he was a hero and a legend.

So much so, that after a brawl between himself and Paraguyian keeper Jose Luis Chilavert, the mob offered to kill Chilavert for him.

Notorious drugs baron Pablo Escabar’s hench men aproached Asprilla offering to do the dirty deed.

In an interview reported by The Mirror, he said it all started with a rather dubious phone call.

He said:

“I got a call and someone said: ‘I’m Julio Fierro, can you come to my hotel.”

“When I arrived he was with about 10 other people, all drunk and partying with Paraguayan women.”

“He said to me: ‘We need you to give us authorization so two men here stay in as they want to go and kill Chilavert.”

Asprilla tales all the credit for saving his foes life, but his primary concern was the impact such an event would have on his national football first and foremost.

He added”

“I told them ‘What? Are you mad? You’re going to finish off Colombian football, that can’t happen.'”

“What happens on the pitch stays on the pitch.”

Only a few years prior to this there was the murder of Andres Escobar by the mob after the player scored an own goal in the World Cup.