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Onwards and upwards for Hélder Costa

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Hélder Costa reflects on his football career before joining Wolves, including his unlucky spell in Deportivo de La Coruña and valuable experience in Monaco.

Before joining Wolves in the Championship, Hélder Costa had spells in La Liga and Ligue 1, which gave him experience as he helps his team establish themselves in the Premier League.

“I wasn’t that lucky in Spain,” Costa told the club’s website, talking about his loan spell at Deportivo in 2015

“I was young and the club was facing a difficult time, we were fighting against relegation and when I got there I didn’t get many chances to play.

“However, I liked the time I was there, again I grew and learned from the experience and they helped me get to where I am today.

“Again, I was with ‘Cav’ and that helped me a lot because it was my first experience away from my family, so I was suffering a little bit.

“I was living in a house at first but then moved with ‘Cav’ and that was better”

Costa got his big break during his one-year loan spell at Monaco as he helped the French qualify for the Champions League.

“Monaco was a very good experience. At the beginning, I was injured and had surgery which put me out for three months, but after that things went good for me,” Costa said.

“I played a lot of games and we ended up finishing third and qualified for the Champions League. I played most games and enjoyed living there.

“The food was good, my teammates were friendly, and we had a lot of Portuguese players like Joao Moutinho, ‘Cav’ and Bernardo Silva so we had good friendships”