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Opinion: A storm is coming between Sarri and Ronaldo

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After scoring his ninth international hat-trick for Portugal, we need to talk about the storm that’s coming between Ronaldo and Sarri. 

A storm is coming between Maurizio Sarri and Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus will be an uncomfortable place to be after the international break.

There has been a lot of drama going on between the two figures over the last few weeks, with Sarri making decisions that affect Ronaldo’s inclusion in the squad.

The Portuguese star was replaced in two consecutive times while playing for Juventus, something that hadn’t happened since 2016.

After the second time this took place, Maurizio Sarri wanted to justify his decision by saying Cristiano was injured and that’s the reason he was replaced.

The star decided to remain silent despite all the noise coming from the press, he preferred to speak on the pitch.

If he was injured, there was no way that Cristiano would have had a chance to play for Portugal during the European Qualifiers.

The game against Lithuania approached and the press started getting more anxious, they all saw Ronaldo training alongside his teammates without a problem.

When manager Fernando Santos was questioned about his player’s fitness, he got fed up with all the pressure and refused to respond to any further inquiries about Cristiano.

Our only hope was to wait for the first match to take place, this would give us an idea about Ronaldo’s fitness. 

Cristiano is in perfect shape. 

Contrary to Maurizio Sarri’s narrative, Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t seem injured at all.

He didn’t seem like he had any problem with his knee (as Sarri pointed out), nor did he struggle to play as he usually does.

During the game against Lithuania, Ronaldo was awarded a penalty early in the game and scored the first goal for Portugal during the early first half.

Then came the confirmation that Cristiano is in no way injured, he scored one of those ridiculous potent shots that we all know from him.

This was already his second goal of the evening, and Ronaldo was only getting started with his show.

With two goals on his name, we thought that Fernando Santos would possibly save the “injured” Ronaldo for the next match during the second half.

However, Santos left the star on the pitch and gave the fans what they wanted.

After Pizzi, Paciencia, and Silva’s goals for the momentary 5-0 result, it was Ronaldo’s turn to score his hat-trick.

The man reached his ninth with Portugal and then he left the pitch in a standing ovation, he sat down on the bench with a mischievous grin on his face.

Cristiano knows that he won the public battle against Sarri, who will have to explain why he lied about his player’s alleged knee injury. 

It would’ve been much easier if Maurizio just came clean about his decision to bench Ronaldo, he simply doesn’t like how he is performing at Juventus this season.

But making excuses is something for which Sarri has been heavily criticized in the past, he received a lot of backlash at Chelsea because of this.

We don’t know of any player who is suffering a knee injury and scores a hat-trick as easy as Ronaldo made it look.

The Juventus coach has a lot of explaining to do, or he might lose his job in the process.

We all know the gargantuan effort Andrea Agnelli made by spending more than €100 million on Cristiano Ronaldo, he didn’t like the image of the Portuguese star leaving the pitch in two consecutive matches.

All Sarri has going for him right now are his results, his Juventus squad is the only remaining undefeated club in the continent.

However, the gaffer will suffer a lot of criticism as soon as this perfect run comes to an end.

Regardless of the good intentions the Italian manager has with Cristiano, leaving him on the bench and lying about his reasons afterward was a bad move.

If he doesn’t fix this difficult situation with the player, more problems will come to the squad as a whole.

A storm is coming towards Juventus after the international break, Sarri and Ronaldo will collide when that happens. 

Why do you think Maurizio Sarri used a fake knee injury as an excuse to explain his decision to replace Ronaldo? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.