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Opinion: A thrilling Premier League new season awaits

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Even though another Premier League season has come to an end, we have to be excited for the new tournament that’s coming after the summer.

The Premier League has finally picked up the slack it was dragging for the last decade, the new season will be even better than this one.

English football has returned to the best years if gave us back at the start of the new millennium, we are in for a treat next year.

Manchester City’s title against one of the most competitive Liverpool sides in modern football was only the beginning.

We are about to experience a good five years of the best Premier League football we have experienced in a long time.

We will tell you what we can expect from all the Top 6 clubs and quite possibly another squad that may also get into the UEFA Europa League next season.

European football will be dominated by the English once again, the clubs from other leagues will have to step up their game if they want to get a piece of the pie.

We are directly looking at what four specific clubs from other leagues: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Atletico Madrid need to step up their game.

The Premier League’s Top 6 clubs are going to steal their thunder if they don’t fix all their problems ASAP.

Manchester United has the biggest issues in English football.

Out of all the Top 6 clubs, perhaps Manchester United is the one with the biggest problems to solve next summer.

They are the only ones that finished the current season empty-handed and probably the only ones that will have to get a complete makeover.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer already told the press that many players will leave the club and won’t come back.

Other clubs such as Chelsea and Arsenal will have to get some details fixed as well, but nothing as serious as the Red Devils.

If they manage to improve in some aspects of their roster and their tactics, we could see both London-based squads competing to win all the trophies next season without a problem.

We also believe that Tottenham Hotspur needs to spend big on transfers next summer but this squad is still in doubt about the future because of one thing.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino may not continue to coach the club by next season, winning the Champions League may get him to retire.

It is completely possible that the Argentine manager delivers on his word and he quits Tottenham for good when the season is over.

The title contenders will still be City and Liverpool.

One thing that was clear from this Premier League season, is how great the level difference between Manchester City, Liverpool, and the rest of the English clubs really is.

We just finished a season in which the two clubs that fought for the title got 98 and 97 points each, that is completely insane and hard to wrap your head around.

The only past instance we remember that was similar to this came in 2010, which was the season in which Real Madrid got 96 La Liga points and they still lost the competition against FC Barcelona.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Pep Guardiola was also coaching that club during that season.

This was before Jose Mourinho came to Los Blancos, Manuel Pellegrini was the manager who competed against the Catalan manager during that season.

The Premier League has reached similar levels of performance thanks to both Manchester City and Liverpool, both clubs will improve next season and they will likely deliver another thrilling year.

Although we think Guardiola has to focus more on winning the Champions League next season, we are not holding our breath for that to happen.

Which Top 6 Premier League club will deliver the best performance next season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.