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Opinion: AC Milan is not the best destination for Zlatan

AC Milan v Atalanta BC - Serie A
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Now that we have a good idea of where Zlatan Ibrahimovic might play next, we believe AC Milan is not the best destination for him. 

After a nearly perfect time in the MLS for LA Galaxy, all signs are pointing towards a reunion between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and AC Milan.

The Swedish striker is currently still making the decision to continue his career at the highest level, he thinks that Italy will be the final step on his road.

While there were serious conversations about him possibly going to Bologna and help Sinisa Mihajlovic, we don’t believe Zlatan would play for a club that won’t compete for any titles.

The ideal final page in the legendary striker’s book has to be with a club that at least has a chance to fight for something.

And here is exactly the reason we believe that AC Milan isn’t a great option for him either.

We recently wrote about the Top 5 best destinations in European football for Zlatan, and we included AC Milan on that list.

However, we obviously didn’t have the Rossoneri in the first place because they lack the infrastructure to take the club to the next level.

Even if Ibrahimovic decided to play there, there is no chance for them to win any titles with the squad they currently have.

But this doesn’t mean that Paolo Maldini won’t attempt to convince Zlatan, there is no way they are not going to at least make him a lucrative offer in order to return. 

But we all know how Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s mind works, the man is clearly speaking to several clubs in order to make the best decision for his career.

There are many options in his future that we will discuss right now, one of them is simply staying at LA Galaxy for another season.

The problem with staying in the United States, is that Zlatan won’t take another season without at least trying to compete for the MLS Cup.

If he decided to remain in Loa Angeles, it would be because the club promised him to sign more competitive players for the upcoming season and actually have a shot to win the trophy.

We can’t forget that Zlatan was the MLS Best New Player during his first season, and he competed for the top-scorer award with Carlos Vela this year.

Scoring 30 goals in a regular-season is already impressive, but it’s even more incredible coming from a 38-year-old baller.

We know that the MLS loves Zlatan, they certainly want to keep him for one more year.

Even Commissioner Don Garber spoke about the possibility, and he revealed that AC Milan is already on the hunt for his possible transfer.

“Zlatan is such an interesting guy,” said Garber to ESPN.

“He keeps my hands full, but he’s a thrill a minute and you need this kind of players, like Beckham did in his early days,” he added.

“He’s a 38-year-old guy and now being recruited by AC Milan, one of the top clubs in the world.”

“He’s exciting on and off the field. I’d love to see him back, but that has to be up to the LA Galaxy.”

“I have enjoyed the Zlatan moments, particularly when he speaks to me in the third person.”

The best option for Zlatan is still in Italy, but not AC Milan.

So, if Zlatan isn’t keen on staying in the MLS for another year and AC Milan can’t guarantee him a shot at winning trophies.

Then which club is the one that can do that for him? The answer is fairly simple and it shouldn’t surprise anybody, SSC Napoli is the best option that Zlatan has.

All the roads seem to point to the Swedish striker ending his career with Carlo Ancelotti as his manager.

The squad from the South of Italy would become an instant title contender on every tournament they play.

Zlatan would also fulfill his dream of playing for the same club where Diego Maradona became a legend.

Needless to say, Ibrahimovic would also retire in a club that will assure him a final shot at winning the only trophy that has eluded him at a club level: the UEFA Champions League.

We don’t even know why Zlatan appears to be negotiating with AC Milan, choosing Napoli seems like a no-brainer. 

Where should Zlatan Ibrahimovic end his career as a pro? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.