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Opinion: After 12 years, football is finally back to normal

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It was kind of unsettling to know that after 12 years, football is finally back to normal after what we saw at the UEFA gala on Thursday.

Perhaps we aren’t ready for what’s coming after 12 very short years of being spoiled by Messi and Ronaldo, but football is finally back to normal.

It feels strange to even say it, we won’t know what we will lose in a few years until we don’t have these two legends playing the game.

The image of both stars making jokes to each other during the UEFA draw and award ceremony was moving, we finally get to see them being nice to one and other.

We feel sorry for all those losers who spent their precious time comparing both of them instead of enjoying the best rivalry in sports history.

Those so-called “critics” are the ones who will feel the most pain when they realize that they never really enjoyed these two legends.

We could see the whole room in attendance watching Messi and Ronaldo sitting next to each other, and finally being able to appreciate what their story truly meant.

They sure had us glued to the television every week, and always trying to know which of both players had a better performance.

We will never get another experience quite like this one, we must always remember how fortunate we were for living through this experience.

If for some reason football and humans are still around one hundred years from now, there will be legendary stories told about these two players.

Ronaldo and Messi’s rivalry can’t be compared to any other.

You can say all you want about many different rivalries in sports history, we can’t compare this one to any other.

There was never another couple of athletes who fed off each other in the way these two managed to do it for so many years.

We all had an idea about it all those years ago, 12 to be exact. The day in which both shared the stage with Ricardo Kaka and the Brazilian won the last Ballon d’Or before they started the Golden Era of Football.

From that moment forward, we saw a total of 10 consecutive award ceremonies in which each player lifted five Ballon d’Or trophies.

At first, we thought that Messi would be the dominant force in the equation. But that Ronaldo never gave up, he always knew that he could be as great as Leo through hard work and by never giving up on his dreams.

We don’t want them to be similar to each other, that’s the whole magic of their rivalry. We have the two greatest players who ever lived competing in the same era, and they couldn’t be more different from each other.

Leo is the timid raw talent who was given a gift by an external force, while Ronaldo also has talent but he became what he is today through a lot of sacrifices.

Both of them have stories that can inspire millions of children around the world, and will certainly inspire many generations in the future.

The only athlete we can compare these to players with is none other than Michael Jordan, only MJ never had a true rival playing in his era.

Leo and Cristiano’s unique story is as if Jordan and Lebron would’ve been born just two years apart, and they would’ve played in the most heated rival NBA teams in history.

We feel the urge to talk about pure fiction for comparison because Ronaldo and Messi are that difficult to believe.

Not even the greatest Hollywood screenwriter would’ve come up with this one, David Fincher or Aaron Zorkin would’ve had a difficult time coming up with the idea to tell this story.

This is why sometimes reality can overcome fiction in such a mesmerizing way, we hope that someone at least gets to buy the rights for a documentary about the two of them.

This is where it suddenly hit us, football is sadly back to normal after 12 short years that felt like a dream.

We won’t get to live anything like it again during our lives, which is why we have to cherish the final years more than anything.

Perhaps Leo and Ronaldo did have that dinner after the ceremony, we hope they got to plan their retirement during the same season and finish this beautiful story in the most Hollywood-esque fashion.

What’s your fondest memory of the Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.