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Opinion: Alexis Sanchez could revive his career in Serie A

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After many trials and errors in other European countries, we are convinced that Alexis Sanchez could revive his career in Serie A.

There have been reports of Alexis Sanchez possibly leaving Manchester United to play at Serie A’s Internazionale Milano.

The Chilean forward has lived a mediocre life in football at best, he didn’t make it at FC Barcelona, he was mildly good at Arsenal, and he was a total failure with the Red Devils.

We aren’t talking about a terrible player, he is actually the all-time top-scorer and the most capped footballer in his country’s history.

With the Chilean National Team, Alexis already won two Copa America titles in 2015 and 2016.

This is a player who is considered a key figure in his nation’s football history, and yet he can’t seem to catch a break at a club level.

When he first left the Italian Serie A in order to play for FC Barcelona, we all believed that he could succeed under manager Pep Guardiola.

But that same Alexis we saw laying waste at Udinese hasn’t been found ever since, we got a different type of player in the Spanish La Liga and an even stranger one in the Premier League.

Granted, he did perform well during his time at Arsenal but he never really won any trophies.

There was even a time when we believed that Alexis could perhaps be made for mediocre clubs, this became even more evident when he played for Manchester United.

Perhaps Italy is his ideal destination.

But after so much thought on the matter, we decided to come up with a theory that may explain why Alexis Sanchez can’t seem to succeed in the other major leagues throughout Europe.

The Chilen star’s type of football was made to withstand the rugged Italian defenders, he needs a more pragmatic style of play in order to thrive.

This is the reason we believe that Sanchez’s best option is to move back to Italy, and restart his career in Serie A.

There are reports of him possibly going to Internazionale Milano under manager Antonio Conte, this could be the ultimate choice for his dying career.

The possible transfer of Mauro Icardi is the key that could open Inter’s doors for Alexis wide open, the Argentine is currently trying to sort out his future and his current club apparently doesn’t want him anymore.

This could be the ideal final chance that Sanchez has been waiting for, perhaps he wasn’t made for the style of football that La Liga and the Premier League are known for.

We are convinced that Conte has the capacity to get the best out of the Chilean star, and this will make Inter the top title contender to face Juventus in Serie A this season.

Alexis won’t play the Premier League if he stays.

According to a report from The Times, Alexis Sanchez won’t be part of the Premier League squad if he remains at Manchester United this season.

The Chilean player has fallen from grace under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s eyes, which left him as an option to only play the Carabao Cup and the UEFA Europa League this season.

There isn’t even a certain assurance that he will even play the FA Cup this season, as the gaffer prefers to give academy players more participation over him.

Everything keeps pointing at an imminent exit from Manchester United, Alexis has a chance to return to Italy and he should do everything in his power to take it.

We all have a good memory of the winger playing at a high level of performance for Udinese, there is nothing that can confirm he will return to that level but he has to try at least.

There is no more hope for Sanchez to succeed at Manchester United, he should leave a club in which he simply wasn’t able to live up to the standards.

Perhaps time will tell us that the club wasn’t able to get the best out of him, but we will keep thinking he may just make it in Serie A if he at least gives himself the chance.

Can Alexis Sanchez succeed in Italy or will he suffer the same fate as in Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.