Opinion: All Sergio Ramos wants is a much bigger salary

With all the speculation about Sergio Ramos’ future at Real Madrid, we decided to call on the Spanish captain’s bluff. All he wants is more money.

Sergio Ramos has a well-documented history of disagreements with Real Madrid over money, the Spanish defender tends to do this every time he can.

It all happens almost identically and with a frighteningly similar beat compared to the previous occasion.

First, reports of his possible exit start coming forward from several media outlets and then a public disagreement with Florentino Perez takes place.

We don’t buy that one of the best defenders in the world right now has suddenly decided to play in Chinese football for free.

First of all, his love for Real Madrid is too great to just leave without leaving any type of reward for a club that has given him everything.

Second of all, it’s just odd that the player has decided to listen to an offer from Chinese football above other potential offers that could come from other major clubs in the continent.

Even if the Chinese club that made this alleged offer really was willing to pay him €35 million-per-season.

We simply can’t picture Sergio Ramos playing for a club from a lesser league and not competing in the Champions League anymore.

We prefer to think that this is only another whim that agent Rene Ramos (Sergio’s brother) has planned in order to get more money.

Sergio Ramos is after more records in Europe.

The current Real Madrid captain already has four Champions League trophies in his power.

Sergio is obviously keen on trying to get another two before he retires and reach Francisco Gento’s six conquests.

Not having the ambition to finish his career at the very top of his game and by conquering several historic records is not normal for a player like Ramos.

Florentino Perez probably smelled this whole intention from a mile away, which is why he decided to praise the player when he had the chance last Monday.

Perez chose to say that he regards Sergio Ramos as a son and he obviously understands where the player is coming from, it’s clear that the chairman knows what Sergio’s intentions really are.

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Rene Ramos is one of the people that the player listens to the most in this business, he is both his agent and his brother.

The captain already sees himself as one of the most valuable player in the institution and he knows there are other stars coming to Real Madrid during the summer.

All Ramos wants is to take care of his status inside the squad, he wants to be one of the best-paid players in the institution before those other stars arrive.

Sergio will leave if Florentino doesn’t comply.

Don’t’ get us wrong though, we believe that Sergio Ramos will leave if president Florentino Perez doesn’t upgrade his salary at the club.

However, we honestly believe that the player would play in another European club and not in China.

There are countless clubs in the continent that would kill to have a player like Sergio Ramos, but he won’t take this route unless it’s completely necessary.

Sergio is actually doing something very similar to what Cristiano Ronaldo completed last season, which is to ask for a proof of loyalty from the club’s president.

Florentino would be stupid if he didn’t comply with what Ramos is asking for, a simple token of his appreciation by upgrading his salary before other major players come to the club.

The defender truly believes that he deserves this new upgrade, but his way to go about it might not be the most ideal.

Sergio Ramos needs to understand that he is not bigger than Real Madrid, he is lucky Florentino really does regard him as his son.

If the chairman didn’t care for Sergio Ramos so much, he would’ve probably left the club around the first time he created such a fuss over a contract extension.

What do you think about Sergio Ramos’ tactics to get himself a contract extension? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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