With the report of Max Allegri possibly coaching Manchester United, we will tell you why he can bring the best Paul Pogba back.

Reports of Massimiliano Allegri started flooding the internet on Wednesday, he is allegedly close to a reunion with Paul Pogba at Manchester United.

This instantly made us remember the great moments that both of them spent together at Juventus.

Pogba became the great player who won the FIFA World Cup in 2018 due to his time with the Italian coach.

We’ve written about how everybody thinks that the Frenchman is a lost cause, we even proposed several reasons he should leave United.

However, this new possible manager would completely change the narrative with Pogba.

The midfielder would like to reunite with the one coach who understood his best position on the pitch, this is the man who pushed Paul one inch from his best potential.

In case you don’t remember, let us refresh your memory a little bit.

The term ‘Pogboom’ was actually adopted when Paul was playing at Juventus under Allegri, this was when the Frenchman had the meanest long-range swing in the world.

There are countless goals from the outside that Pogba scored and left every single one of us astounded.

When he went back to Manchester United, those strikes suddenly stopped as Pogba began working on a more defensive role in the squad.

By the time he was playing his last year at Juventus, we had the best possible Pogba that anybody could imagine.

The young midfielder graduated from wearing Juventus’ number ‘6’ to the number ’10’ after Carlos Tevez left, and he wore it like a champ.

There were even moments in which Pogba played as a winger instead of a central midfielder, mainly because Max Allegri fully understood his player’s full potential.

We know that he currently wants to leave United and play for Real Madrid, but Manchester United could convince him to stay if they bring a manager who gets him.

Allegri himself spoke about the possibility of coaching in England, he used the language excuse in order to get away from any speculation.

But he didn’t vehemently deny anything, which means the Red Devils really are negotiating with him.

brandon williams, manchester united

Williams is the bad boy Solskjaer has been looking for

Brandon Williams has become the bad boy Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been looking for in his Manchester United side.

If language is a barrier for him, Max can at least feel comfortable by having Paul Pogba to be the link between him and the players who don’t speak French or Italian.

This could actually be the answer that all United fans had been looking for, Pogba can become that player everybody craves with Allegri in his corner.

Max doesn’t deny the approach from United.

On Wednesday, Allegri decided to make a public statement in the middle of a storm that had his name written all over.

Instead of denying that Manchester United is after him, the Italian decided to give an ambiguous answer and keep feeding the rumors.

“I don’t speak English enough yet, but I’m learning,” said Allegri at the Football Coaches Association symposium.

“There are two ways to be a good trainer: authoritarian and liberal. I prefer the latter, so I listen more than I speak,” Allegri added.

“Thanks to this strategy, I receive more information from the outside that positively changes my world. I still deny the validity of my ideas. I argue with myself.”

“If I think that something is 100 percent good, I am worried and consult on this opinion with the people around me.”

“When I came to Turin after Antonio Conte, many thought I was screwed. That Juve is burned out. That the winning stage is over because the team is saturated.”

“The situation was not perfect because I found a team that needed rebuilding. It’s exciting, but also at risk of failure, and Juventus is not the place where the latter is accepted. That’s why I had to look for ways to stimulate the group. I listened and changed.”

What do you think about an Allegri/Pogba reunion at Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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