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Opinion: Argentina must start looking for a new generation

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After failing to reach another major tournament final, Argentina needs to keep moving forward by finding its new generation of players.

When the Copa America began for Argentina, it was clear that they weren’t coming to win the competition due to the new generation that is coming up.

Yes, they had Lionel Messi as their luxury player but it’s already been established that he is not enough to win a tournament of this nature.

Lionel Scaloni didn’t have a lot of time to get his best possible team ready for this competition, but he did complete a modest result that wasn’t really expected.

Argentina has the chance to finish as the third best South American squad right now, as long as they defeat the loser from the other semifinal.

The chances they would get this far in the competition were slim, Scaloni took a couple of games to find the most competitive squad.

The only real mistake he made was to not include Paulo Dybala in the squad, the Juventus player proved he was a great alternative in the few minutes he had to shine.

After looking at the way that Argentina lost against Brazil, it is now clear that they don’t have the proper midfield players to make Leo Messi play his best football and perform closer to the box.

But the AFA is at a crossroad right now in regards to Leo, they need to decide if he should continue or just make him retire.

Where does Messi stand with this new generation?

The Argentina National Team needs to start making plans for the upcoming World Cup in 2022, they urgently need a complete makeover if they want to compete for the title.

Keeping Lionel Messi in the squad means that the rest of the players will have to play for him despite his advanced age, perhaps this could be the ideal time for Leo to call it quits.

However, Messi himself did say that he won’t give up until he wins a trophy with his national team.

The people who need to make a final say on the star’s future in the squad are AFA’s high command.

Messi is not the one who decides whether he should keep trying to win a trophy for Argentina or not, not even he has that last say.

Even though he’s given so much to his country over so many years, it’s clear that he should give other players the opportunity to play as well.

We know this sounds crazy because Messi is still playing spectacular football, but his retirement from the national team has more to do with a generational shift rather than a direct attack against him.

However, AFA should create a different action plan if they want Messi to keep playing for the National Team.

There are many things that need to happen if they want him to perform at his best level.


For starters, Lionel Scaloni as the manager is maybe lacking in experience and Argentina could benefit from a more experienced coach.

There is a short list of managers who would take the job without question, but AFA has a little convincing to do with specific names.

The ultimate dream is Diego Simeone, but the Atletico Madrid manager doesn’t want to take on this challenge yet.

The other aspect that needs to get addressed by AFA is the search for the proper midfield players.

There haven’t been creative midfielders for Argentina since the times of Aimar and Riquelme.

The AFA technical staff led by Cesar Luis Menotti needs to begin the hard work in search for these players.

We are convinced that a country as talented as Argentina has many young stars waiting to be discovered, but the work needs to get done by Menotti and his team.

Messi’s final years will be crucial for Argentina, he may even get to the Qatar World Cup if he takes good care of himself.

They need to find at least two players who can take the responsibility from him in midfield, and simply allow him to play as a striker with less defensive responsibility in the middle.

It’s as simple as that, there is a lot of work to do from AFA and Argentina.

What does Argentina need in order to help Messi win a major trophy before he retires? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.