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Opinion: Arsenal FC is the perfect club for Jose Mourinho

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We will tell you the reason we believe Jose Mourinho is actually a perfect fit to coach Arsenal FC if Unai Emery gets the sack. 

Arsenal FC has been struggling under Unai Emery since the start of the season, and we have a feeling that Jose Mourinho is the perfect fit for a replacement.

Ever since he left Manchester United, the Portuguese manager has been waiting for the ideal opportunity to get back in the game.

While there have been some interesting offers for him from several clubs from around the world, it’s no secret that Jose will only accept one from a powerful club.

Even if the Gunners didn’t manage to finish the season in the Top Four, there is a good chance that he would take the offer despite this.

During all this time, Jose hasn’t even considered leaving England because he loves that country and he is always drawn to the city of London.

Alongside the punditry job he’s taken for Sky Sports, Luke Andrews of bestbettingsites.uk reports that Mourinho became the new face of Paddy Power’s Games Division.

Jose has remained quite busy without accepting any offers because he is already made up his mind about where he wants to play.

Inside our analysis of what could happen with his future, we already have a pretty good idea of the clubs that could hire him soon.

The conclusion we reached is that an English club appears on the horizon, but we are putting our money on Arsenal due to a few simple reasons. 

Real Madrid might be out of the question.

Before we tell you about the Arsenal option, we need to talk about the rumors that linked Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid.

The Portuguese manager is one of Florentino Perez’s favorite employees, he only left due to a lack of results.

However, it is clear that he left a major mark inside the institution that a lot of Madridistas refuse to ut behind them.

There were many indications that he would be next in line in case Zinedine Zidane made a mistake at the start of the season, but the players wouldn’t have any of that.

Given that some of them have a history with Mourinho, they refuse to take a manager who antagonized them back in the club.

‘Zizou’ managed to get back in the supporters’ good graces and Mourinho quickly became an afterthought.

Los Blancos are not pursuing the Portuguese manager anymore, they were doing it in the past but they were convinced by Zidane to stop.

We always need to remember that results are the moving force that controls any competitive sport, whether it’s individual or collective.

With that option pretty much dismissed for Mourinho, it was time to start looking back into the city that he adores and make inquiries about the possibilities he has to coach again. 

Arsenal is the best possible option.

Given that he already managed Chelsea twice in the past, there are only two more options for Jose Mourinho to consider.

While there are many clubs in the city of London, only two other institutions have the power to accommodate a manager as successful as Jose.

Both clubs from North London are currently under siege, their respective managers are under the lens and they could leave the club at any given moment this season.

Tottenham Hotspur has Mauricio Pochettino as a coach who took them to the Champions League final last season and he still has some credit for that.

This only leaves the second option, which is Arsenal and Unai Emery’s job.

Despite taking the Gunners to the Europa League final last season, it is clear that the Spanish manager is having major problems to lead his players.

Jose is a specialist in taking clubs that have some power and making them a title contender on every competition.

Plus, this is a man who knows exactly how to get the best out of Mesut Ozil.

Unai Emery hasn’t been able to make peace with the German playmaker since he arrived last season.

Every road points to North London for Jose Mourinho, it appears the time has come for him to get back in the game and let us know if he is truly back to form. 

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